Kevin Akeroyd

Kevin Akeroyd serves as PRO Unlimited's chief executive officer and leads the vision and strategy for the company. He is recognized as one of the technology industry's most tenured and trusted experts. Kevin has held executive leadership roles at some of the world's most notable brands that were category leaders in cloud software, services, and data. Prior to PRO, Kevin served as global CEO at an industry-leading SaaS marketing and communications software provider, where he took the company public on the New York Stock Exchange before selling it for $2.8 billion.

Inside Recruiting August 9, 2021
Contingent Talent Will Play a Key Role in the Post-Pandemic Workforce

As the world begins the long road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have a lot to think about. Should they remain virtual? How will they facilitate a smooth return to the office if they decide to bring people back? Furthermore, now that the viability of fully remote workforces has been proven, new opportunities have opened up for incorporating contingent workers into...

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Inside Recruiting April 20, 2021
Diversity and Data: Why DE&I Efforts Should Start With the Numbers

I am the father of mixed-ethnicity children. I started my career around the same time I had my first child. Diversity and inclusion have always been important in my personal life, and this focus naturally carries over into my work. As I've taken on roles with more leadership responsibilities and broader scopes, I've made it a point to bring that focus with me. But awareness of diversity,...

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