Kevin Ricklefs

As chief culture officer at CHG Healthcare, Kevin Ricklefs oversees the people and culture aspects of the company, including attracting new talent, training and developing employees, providing benefits, planning celebrations, and being there on the bittersweet day when a beloved employee retires. Since joining CHG in 1999, Kevin has played a key role in creating the people-centric culture that has landed CHG on Fortune's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" each of the past 11 years.

The Innovators November 27, 2020
How's Your Team Really Doing? 5 Ways to Support Employee Mental Health

For many people, the pandemic is not only a threat to physical health, but also a mental health risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three times more people are struggling with anxiety disorders this year than last year; when it comes to depression, the numbers this year are four times greater than they were in 2019. Earlier this summer, we at CHG Healthcare...

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The Innovators March 11, 2020
Recession? No Sweat. Here's How to Create a Culture to Withstand Economic Downturns:

In 2009, the global economy was reeling from one of the most damaging recessions in history. People were scared, and many faced the prospect of losing jobs and homes. Fast forward a decade or so, and now another recession appears to be looming. The same anxieties are surfacing, and many people have yet to fully recover from the last one. Many companies had to let people go in order to stay...

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The Innovators February 18, 2019
5 Easy Ways to Recognize Employees

If you've spent any amount of time trying to improve employee engagement, you know it can be an uphill battle. According to Gallup's most recent "State of the American Workplace" report, 67 percent of US employees are not engaged at work. There are many causes behind this epidemic, but one of the most common reasons why people don't feel engaged is that they feel...

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The Innovators July 9, 2018
5 Ways to Create a Culture That Supports Employee Mental Health

When we at CHG Healthcare started focusing on company culture and employee engagement 15 years ago, we got a lot of strange looks. Investors wondered why we spent so much time and energy on our people, and other HR professionals asked us why we would prioritize cultural fit over skill set when we brought on new employees. These days, however, most employers get it. They understand the...

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Inside Recruiting October 17, 2017
10 Questions to Ask When Hiring for Culture Fit

Successful companies know that creating a great workplace o not only helps to attract and retain top talent, but also leads to impressive business results. For nearly a decade, CHG Healthcare has been recognized as one of the country's best companies to work for – but that wasn't always the case. Back in 2001, our turnover rate was almost 50 percent. As you likely know, a high level of...

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