Kristin Harper

Kristin Harper is CEO of Driven to Succeed, LLC, a leadership development company that provides brand strategy consulting, market research, and keynote speaking. She is also author of "The Heart of a Leader: 52 Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career."

The Innovators October 20, 2020
Leaders, It's Time to Unlearn the Skills That Made You Successful

As a leader, you've spent years — or decades — learning and honing the skills and characteristics that make your leadership effective. When circumstances change — as they very much have in the age of COVID — you may quite naturally reach for the very same set of skills you've used all along. This might not be the best approach. As a former Fortune 15 executive, I know from...

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The Innovators August 19, 2020
What Black Professionals and White Professionals Really Think About Race in the Workplace

Flashback to New Year's Day 2020. Perfect vision was the predominant celebratory theme —  and this year has certainly been eye-opening. As if the global pandemic, widespread deaths, and massive job loss weren't enough, the world watched as George Floyd was murdered before our eyes. This tragedy sparked global protests and a barrage of emotions. As a Black woman, I felt the event trigger...

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