Laura Freebairn-Smith

Laura Freebairn-Smith has been a consultant for such distinguished companies as the New York Times and People's Bank. Her specialty is assisting leaders in realizing the full potential of their organizations through humanistic and analytical practices, while offering guidance in the redesign of infrastructure, the creation of strategic plans, and with organizational development. Laura currently teaches leadership at Yale's Drama School and diversity and team building in the Executive MBA program at Yale's School of Management.

The Innovators October 8, 2018
Abundance Leaders in a Scarcity World: Creating Healthier Organizations

Some leaders create more energy, joy, productivity, and dedication in their staff than others. About these bosses, people say, "I loved working for them." The memory of these bosses brings smiles to our faces. Sometimes, we can articulate one or two behaviors the boss exhibited that made them so great to work for; sometimes, it was the boss's overall attitude or approach that we...

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The Innovators September 13, 2018
Women in the Arts: Everywhere But the Pinnacle

Does gender matter in leadership roles in the arts? According to recent literature, the answer is yes. In early 2017, the New York Times published an article entitled "Gender Gap Persists at Largest Museums." The piece cites a study from the Association of Art Museum Directors, which found that while 48 percent of art museums are led by women, a major gender gap persists at the US's...

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