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Success August 7, 2019
Your Late Summer Playlist: 10 Career Podcasts to Take in Before Fall

There's no better time to focus on career development than the quiet summer season, when office distractions are at a minimum. Unfortunately, we don't have many warm, slow days left on the calendar. So, if you've been doing more relaxing than growing this summer, now is the time to get in some last-minute professional development. The best (and easiest) way to do this? Take in a few...

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Success July 12, 2019
8 Things to Accomplish During Your Company's Summer Slowdown

After months of navigating the hard slog, it can be tempting to kick back and coast when your workload wanes during the inevitable summer slowdown. Taking steps to avoid burnout is all well and good, but is doing the bare minimum really the best use of your time in this quiet season? The truth is, these slow weeks virtually free of meetings and deadlines present a great opportunity to...

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Success June 24, 2019
The Unlimited PTO Policy Conundrum: How Much Vacation Should You Take When You Can Take All the Vacation You Want?

Just joined a company that boasts an unlimited PTO policy? It's likely that such freedom and flexibility were major draws at first. But now that you're an official employee, chances are you're not so sure how to handle unlimited vacation time. Should you take full advantage and book a month's holiday in Portugal? Should you play it safe and stick to the traditional two or three weeks a...

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Success May 29, 2019
Is the Resume Objective Statement Truly Dead?

You've almost certainly heard the news: The resume objective statement is dead. It is old-fashioned, of little value, and should absolutely always be replaced with a professional summary. There's good reason for this sentiment: The traditional objective focuses on you, your goals, your needs, and your aspirations. Employers today are less interested in what you're hoping to gain from a...

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Get Hired April 24, 2019
What Does the Ideal Cover Letter Look Like in 2019?

Cover letters aren't exactly fun to write, so it's tempting to look for reasons not to write them at all. The process of applying online often gives us the very excuse we're searching for. By not explicitly requesting cover letters, digital application portals leave the impression this once-critical document is no longer necessary. People have been speculating for years that cover...

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Get Hired March 26, 2019
7 Quick and Easy Resume Hacks You Need to Know

In an ideal world, we'd all have hours on end at our disposal to learn how to write a resume and tailor it to each position we apply for. In reality, nobody has that kind of time, so we have to strike a balance between working efficiently and creating attention-grabbing job application materials. Sometimes, the best option is to make use of simple solutions to get the job done as well as we...

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Success February 25, 2019
New Dad? Here's Why You Should Take Paternity Leave

Soon-to-be dads need little reminding that their lives are about to be full of all sorts of new sights, sounds, and even smells. Yet one new experience they might not be expecting is a nudge from their employer to take advantage of paternity leave. Some new dads wryly regard paternity leave as some sort of consolation prize, while others may worry they are being taken out of the...

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The Innovators January 21, 2019
Will the 4-Day Workweek Become a Universal Reality?

In late 2018, some news from New Zealand perked up the ears of workers and employers worldwide: An experiment with a four-day workweek at estate-planning firm Perpetual Guardian proved to be a resounding success. Employees were more productive, more satisfied, and more committed all while enjoying a better work/life balance and less stress. The experiment got a lot of people thinking. As...

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Get Hired December 17, 2018
How to Impress the CEO at a Job Interview

Sitting through multiple interviews for one job is the norm today, as roles are now frequently cross-functional, serving more stakeholders throughout the organization. Consequently, more people need to approve of a new hire. In a lot of smaller and even mid-sized organizations, even the CEO might sit for an interview or two. While it may seem daunting, interviewing with the CEO is a...

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Smart Tech November 14, 2018
How Managers Can Embrace Data-Driven Decision-Making

Every organization claims to be data-driven. That makes sense, considering data is the new oil: It's the resource every enterprise needs to control in order to keep the wheels of production turning. Indeed, data is fundamental, especially when it comes to business strategy. Way too often, however, "data-driven decision-making" just means that data operations end up driving everything....

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Success October 22, 2018
401(k) Basics: What You Need to Get a Handle on Right Now

Not long after you accept a job offer, the onboarding process starts. A lot needs your attention right away: There are documents to fill out, people to meet, systems to get logged into, etc. What you're really concerned about is getting proficient at your job as soon as possible. You're probably not all that concerned about setting up your 401(k) plan, one of the most valuable benefits in...

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Success September 24, 2018
5 Tips on How to Prepare for the Next Recession

Many Americans still shudder when they think back to the last recession. All told, 8.7 million people lost their jobs, and it took years for many families to dig out from the financial destruction. Since the recession officially ended in 2009, a question has lingered in the backs of American workers' minds: Could it happen again? Yes, it can. Historical data shows that the US averages...

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