Lorna Borenstein

Lorna Borenstein is CEO and founder of Grokker, the on-demand well-being engagement solution for global enterprises including eBay, CVSHealth, Target, Dominos, Delta Air Lines, and GE. Her new book, "It's Personal: The Business Case for Caring," thoughtfully examines the "Human Connection Movement" in the workplace, which is fueled by a growing desire among employees to feel more connected to one another and better connected to their jobs. This movement has transformed the role of employers as the benefactors of well-being, and "It's Personal" serves as a strategic and tactical guide for company leaders who want to embrace this transformational change, improve employee engagement, and drive business results.

Previously, Lorna was President of publicly traded Move Inc. and held a number of executive positions at Yahoo!, including chief of its global personals online dating service and head of marketing for its multibillion dollar worldwide Search & Marketplace businesses. In 2000, Lorna launched eBay Canada out of her guest room in Toronto (with a newborn in tow) and went on to serve as eBay Inc.'s vice president and general manager.

As a speaker and panel moderator at industry conferences, Lorna has presented on the current state of workplace well-being and engagement at several high-profile conferences. Her thought leadership has appeared in a variety of publications, including Forbes and Entrepreneur. Lorna also hosts GrokkerTV, the first web TV show to bring HR leaders cutting-edge perspectives and provocative ideas to help them stay ahead of workplace culture and engagement developments.

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10 Steps to Secure Executive Buy-In and Budget to Brave the New Workforce Frontier

Most executives understand in broad strokes that there has been a clear change in workforce expectations over the past year — and, like it or not, that employees now have the bargaining power. People are leaving their jobs in record numbers, but not for a better salary. Instead, they're seeking purpose, belonging, and balance (something I call PB2) from an employer who supports their...

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Why — and How — to Build a Wellness Program That Caters to Millennials and Generation Z

We're in the midst of a key generational shift, and employee wellness programs aren't keeping up. By 2025, millennials and Gen. Z-ers will comprise the majority of the global workforce. For better or worse, these individuals didn't come of professional age in the 20th-century workplace. As a result, these younger workers were never conditioned to withstand the rigors (and, let's face it,...

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