Luke Switkowski

Luke Switkowski is cofounder of Kognitiv, Inc., the company behind Rooster. Luke has been working with Workday for over a decade. He developed the on-demand services model to supporting Workday clients.

Inside Recruiting July 2, 2021
Why Our CEO Personally Conducts Every First-Round Interview

Most companies today have something to say about their company culture and how it makes them unique with regard to what they do and how they treat their employees. And that's a good thing: Today's employees are not motivated solely by money, and behaving as if they are will rarely lead to good long-term recruiting results. When candidates are considering prospective employers, they have a...

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Smart Tech June 8, 2021
Post-Pandemic Resignation Boom? Not If You Embrace Remote Work

Texas AM University Associate Professor of Management Anthony Klotz's prediction about a forthcoming "great resignation" went viral for many reasons. For one thing, it taps into the many ways in which the pandemic has changed the world of work. More employees have seen the benefit of working from home, and that's going to impact how they make employment decisions going forward. In...

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