Matthew Kosinski

Matthew Kosinski is the former managing editor of Recruiter.com.

Inside Recruiting April 3, 2022
Top 10 Reasons to Become a Recruiter

So, you're thinking of becoming a recruiter? Fantastic! There are plenty of reasons to become a recruiter, and we're going to share with you the top 10. Keep reading to learn more about what makes this career so rewarding. Whether you're looking for a new challenge or simply want to help others find their dream job, recruitment is definitely worth considering! What do you want from...

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Inside Recruiting December 20, 2021
Just-in-Case Recruiting: How to Build More Resilient Talent Pipelines for the Post-Pandemic Era

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, many are fretting over the supply chain's ongoing woes, and understandably so. The logistics sector was among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Because of its fundamental role in the global economy, the supply chain's challenges are causing headaches for companies and consumers alike. But product shortages and shipping delays aren't the only things...

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Inside Recruiting December 3, 2021
The Great Recruiter Resignation: Why Talent Acquisition Teams Might Drive the Next Wave of Mass Turnover

Recovering from a global pandemic is hard enough as it is. With millions of Americans quitting their jobs every month, many organizations find it difficult to staff all their roles, much less return to business as usual. Luckily, C-suite leaders can always count on recruiters and HR pros to come to their rescue. Talent teams have been among the heroes of the pandemic. They've supported...

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Inside Recruiting November 2, 2021
Is Compensation No Longer King? It's Complicated.

  It's a seller's talent market, and the question on every recruiter's mind is: How do you get candidates to choose your roles over all the rest? If you believe the hype, financial compensation isn't the answer. But is it true that candidates now value the intangibles — like flexibility, a positive culture, personal development — more than cold, hard cash? The answer...

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Inside Recruiting October 27, 2021
The Top 10 Recruiting Firms in America, According to Forbes

Updated: October 2021 Recently, Forbes partnered with analytics firm Statista to tackle a daunting challenge: determining what the best recruiting firms in America are. Through extensive surveys of recruiters, employees, and HR managers, Statista collected more than 20,000 recommendations, eventually narrowing the data all down to two lists, one ranking 250 executive recruiting firms...

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Inside Recruiting October 26, 2021
Are Employers Overlooking the Very Solution to Their Talent Shortages?

  For months, the business press — particularly in recruiting and employment circles — has focused its attention on the ongoing Great Resignation. Amidst the worst talent shortage in 10 years, employers are justifiably fixated on the threat of massive turnover, making it even more of a challenge to get back up to pre-pandemic speed. But what if the Great Resignation is only...

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Smart Tech August 11, 2021
The TikTok Revolution in Talent Search: What the Social Media Giant's Video Resumes Mean for the Future of Recruiting

Last month, the social media behemoth TikTok — best known for viral dance routines and offbeat videos — made a bold move: It went professional. With the announcement of TikTok Resumes, the video platform declared it doesn't want to just dominate users' free time — it wants to play a part in their job searches, too. TikTok isn't the first company to try bringing video resumes to a...

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Inside Recruiting August 5, 2021
The Golden Age of Recruiting: Why Talent Acquisition Will Rule the 2020s and Beyond

Certain professions come to represent their eras. The 1950s gave us the enduring figure of the traveling salesperson. Wall Street traders dominated the '80s. Telecomm rose to prominence in the mid-90s, while tech professionals had their moment in the late '90s and again in the 2010s. Real estate was king of the early 2000s. And now, it's the recruiters' turn to shine. 2021 is the beginning...

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Inside Recruiting July 26, 2021
The Great Resignation: What It Is, Why It's Happening, and What Employers Can Do to Come Out on Top

Almost as soon as the pandemic hit, recruiters and employers began planning for the Great Rehire, the hiring spree companies would need to staff back up once the threat of COVID had faded. But as vaccination rates rise and case counts fall, we find ourselves facing a whole different beast: the Great Resignation. Instead of hiring huge numbers of candidates, companies are watching...

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Smart Tech May 10, 2021
Do InMails Actually Work? Yes, If You Know How to Use Them

Nearly 100 percent of all recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates, which means you have some stiff competition if you're looking for your next hire on the platform. But you can't afford to ignore LinkedIn, either. It's pretty much the only game in town when it comes to professional networking sites. Sure, there are more niche sites — like your AngelLists and Quoras — and those...

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The Three-Segment Workforce: Managing Risk and Reaping Rewards in a Workplace Combining In-Office, Remote, and Hybrid Workers

As vaccination efforts continue and the end of the pandemic appears — if faintly, for now — within view, company leaders have a lot of questions to answer about the post-COVID economy. For employees, the most prominent of all might be: office or remote? Major players have so far been split on the matter. For every Twitter going permanently remote, there's a JPMorgan planning an...

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Inside Recruiting March 23, 2021
Are You as Objective as You Think? How Traditional Hiring Methods Keep Us From Building More Divorce Workforces

"Why does it matter what our leadership team looks like? We hire and promote people based on their performance, not on the color of their skin." If you've ever been involved in discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, you've likely encountered some variation of this protestation. Maybe you've even uttered it yourself. At first glance, the logic is...

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