Melissa Dreuth

Melissa Dreuth, senior vice president of people and culture at Planful, is a dynamic HR and operations professional with experience working in fast-paced multinational organizations. She has a passion and talent for developing high-performance workplace cultures with proven results in increasing company performance. Before joining Planful, Melissa was the vice president of people and operations at Betts Recruiting, where she helped scale the team into new markets and doubled the team size. Prior to that, she served as the director of people at Base CRM (now Zendesk Sell) and Infor, following Infor's acquisition of Orbis.

The Innovators October 7, 2020
How to Align HR and Finance to Drive Company Success

At most companies, there's at least a baseline level of collaboration between HR and finance people. Without some coordination between the two, it would be difficult to operate. But the times demand that HR and finance go deeper and engage in a true strategic partnership. I've seen how it can work firsthand: with modern planning technology, HR and finance can team up in new ways that drive...

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