Michel Visser
Michel Visser

Michel Visser, Global VP of People Success & Enablement, joined Unit4 in 2018 and looks globally after getting the best talent to join the business and make the people in the business as successful as they can be. He has spent over 10 years in the HR field holding various senior leadership roles. In parallel, he teaches HR at the VU University Amsterdam. Michel is instrumental in driving Unit4’s extraordinary environment for people through innovative people attraction, development, and engagement strategies.

Success April 5, 2022
How People Science Is Defining the Future of HR

We're only into the first quarter of 2022, but it's already apparent that the Great Resignation hasn't entirely run its course. The number of people calling it quits continues to set records. Experts will study the reasons behind the phenomenon for years, but one thing is clear: It's not just about money. People are leaving jobs without offers for a new position. They're citing various reasons...

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