Omer Molad

Omer Molad is the cofounder and CEO at Vervoe, a popular AI-powered skill-testing platform that is on a mission to make hiring about merit, not background.

Inside Recruiting July 23, 2021
Don't Let the Skills Shortage Be an Excuse to Lower Your Hiring Standards

The much-anticipated post-pandemic economic recovery has hit a dangerous roadblock: a global skills shortage. Desperate for staff, some employers are softening their hiring criteria to make up the numbers they need to continue operating their businesses. But I don't believe there are any market conditions under which employers should compromise their talent standards. You may think I'm...

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Smart Tech May 24, 2021
The Problem With Resume Screening — and How You Can Fix It

Through countless rewrites, keyword-stuffing, and sweating over the exact alignment of bulleted lists, candidates struggle to create the ultimate resume that will catch the reader's attention and keep them from landing in the hiring manager's wastebasket. In my opinion, they needn't bother. In fact, I believe every resume belongs in the bin. Why? Because resumes don't predict job...

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