Paul Jarrett

Paul Jarrett studied management before completing an MBA. He is the director and
founder of Renaix, an international recruitment and executive search consultancy
specializing in placing senior management, finance, and audit professionals. The
company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017.

Inside Recruiting July 25, 2019
Closing the Culture Gap: What Your Employees Want May Not Be What You Deliver

There is plenty of water cooler chat about organizational culture these days, but this important topic still finds itself at the bottom of the boardroom agenda. This is a risky oversight, as cultural time bombs are ticking away in many organizations. A recent survey from PwC assessing worker attitudes in 50 countries found that "employees feel less positive about their workplace cultures...

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The Innovators April 25, 2019
5 Tangible Reasons Why Organizational Culture Matters

Because organizational culture is so intangible, it often goes overlooked — especially in high-pressure boardrooms. This is unfortunate, because despite its abstractness, organizational culture has a very real impact on organizational success. Here are just five of the many compelling reasons why building and maintaining a positive organizational culture should be a priority for any...

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Smart Tech March 15, 2019
The 6 Skills Your Workforce Needs to Weather Digital Transformation

Bleeding-edge digital tech like big data, artificial intelligence, automation, virtual reality, and augmented reality is transforming the workplace at a dizzying pace. Every day, it seems we hear news of some high-profile, labor-intensive process finally being streamlined — or even replaced completely — through slick automated systems. New technologies are opening the doors to new...

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The Innovators January 16, 2019
How to Use Technology to Manage the Cost and Complexity of Business Regulation

Executives in senior management face many challenges, and chief among them might just be the growing cost and complexity of regulation. As a result, regulators are under pressure to increase efficiency and response times, as regulatory backlogs can have serious impacts on business innovation and growth. The good news is advances in technology can help regulators and businesses work...

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