Paul Mastrangelo

Paul M. Mastrangelo is principal strategist at CultureIQ. If you have specific questions around culture and behavioral strategy, you can reach out to him at [email protected]

The Innovators March 9, 2020
Coronavirus and Culture: How to Prepare Your Workplace for COVID-19

The first thing that has hit people about the COVID-19 coronavirus isn't the infection itself — it's anxiety from a drastic set of behavior changes we're being told we have to make to protect ourselves and others. No more handshakes. No more hugging. Don't even get near other people — best to stay at least six feet away if you can. Keep your hands away from your face, and stay out...

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Smart Tech July 22, 2019
As the Net Promoter Score Falls From Grace, So Does the Employee Net Promoter Score

This year has been the Net Promoter Score's (NPS) moment in the shade. The popular metric for measuring customer satisfaction got a drubbing this May from the Wall Street Journal, which noted that while corporate America may be obsessed with the NPS — often using it to determine bonuses and guide investment decisions — the metric's accuracy is "dubious." Forbes, too, chimed in with an...

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