Petr Belousov

Petr Belousov is CEO and cofounder of CandyJar, a sourcing tool that helps HR people search for developers and IT specialists. Originally from Russia, Petr relocated to Ireland after his startup received funding from Enterprise Ireland. Petr and his cofounder are developing a product that focuses on an individual approach in hiring communication because they believe it reduces communication overload and cuts time to hire. Petr has been working in IT since 2015. After experience how time-consuming it was to build great IT teams, he and his cofounder decided to launch CandyJar.

Inside Recruiting January 11, 2021
How to Get Developers to Respond to Your Cold Emails

I've noticed that most of my IT recruiting colleagues rely on the funnel approach to attracting candidates, which involves collecting a number of candidates and then reaching out to them about vacancies via a mailing list.Generally the task is completed, people are found, and the HR lead is happy. But there are two significant problems with this approach. First, template-based email outreach...

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