Rene Novoa

Rene Novoa is a certified forensic investigator and manager of eDiscovery and digital forensics at DriveSavers. Since joining DriveSavers in 2001, Novoa has performed data recovery on thousands of storage devices plagued with mechanical failures, physical damage, and logical corruption. Over the past five years, he has focused his efforts on developing proprietary forensic processes for failed devices. His understanding of emerging technologies helps solve new forensic challenges. Rene manages high-level client relationships and is the vice president of the North Bay HTCIA chapter.

Inside Recruiting March 9, 2016
eDiscovery for Human Resources: A Basic How-To Guide

In today's digital world, many businesses have gone paperless, choosing to keep important files and documents stored on computers rather than in file cabinets. Among these digitized files are, of course, the documents that HR departments prepare and maintain – e.g., company handbooks and policies, employee reviews and disciplinary actions, payroll documentation, OSHA records, and...

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