Rick Riddle

Rick Riddle is passionate about the self-development process and wants to share his experience with more people via his articles. He believes that self-sufficiency and discipline lead to great results. Follow him on Twitter (@rickrddl).

Get Hired February 5, 2016
6 Things Employers Want to See in Your Resume

When you're on the job search, you are a product. If you are going to sell that product to a recruiter or hiring manager, you have to answer the same questions that any company selling a product has to answer: What does this product do? How was this product made? How can this product benefit someone who buys it? How durable is this product? Why is this product better than a...

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Inside Recruiting December 8, 2015
Social Media: the Best Option for Finding the People You Need

In all likelihood, your organization's marketing strategy includes a hefty social media portion. Your marketing folks probably post about events and special deals on Facebook, blog about new products and services, and use Twitter to interact with customers and fans. Whenever you have something to promote, chances are social media is one of the channels you use. What about recruiting? Are you...

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