Rony Zarom

Rony Zarom is CEO and founder of newrow_, an interactive video platform purpose-built for large groups to interact face-to-face online from anywhere, on any device. The company's advanced collaboration and multi-streaming technology is trusted by the world's top online classrooms, corporate training programs, brands, and governments.

A serial entrepreneur, Zarom also successfully built and sold a telecommunication company that helped bring Internet service to Israel. In addition, he founded Decima Ventures, a venture capital company that invests in U.S. tech companies with an R&D center in Israel, and founded Unistream, a successful non-profit junior MBA program in Israel.

Smart Tech April 24, 2015
Growing Up Digital: Redesigning Workplace Training for 'Generation Connected'

By 2020, "Generation Connected" or Gen. C, comprised of both millennials and Generation Z, will constitute the largest single group of consumers worldwide. The pervasiveness of Gen. C will also extend to the workforce, with millennials representing 46 percent of the entire U.S. workforce by 2020. Over the next five years, Gen. C's need for digital connection, collaboration, and...

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