Samantha LoCoco

Samantha LoCoco earned her BA in English and world literatures from Marymount Manhattan College. She works as a research assistant for a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and is currently an MFA candidate for fiction at The New School in Manhattan.

Smart Tech February 17, 2017
ATS/Background Check Integrations: The Next Big Trend in Recruiting Tech?

According to HireRight's 2016 Employment Screening Benchmark Report, 34 percent of HR departments strive for a more efficient candidate experience. That number may not be terribly high, but it's still a good trend to see: The more efficient the hiring process is, the better an employer will be at wooing candidates. In the effort to make hiring processes go more smoothly, some think that...

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Inside Recruiting February 1, 2017
4 Tips for Targeting Millennial Candidates (and Convincing Them to Stay)

One goal for many businesses, regardless of industry, is to reach and attract millennial talent. As with all generations before them, millennials are driven by many factors that are unique to their particular age group. According to Deloitte's Millennial Survey 2016, the best way to recruit members of this group is to tailor outreach efforts to match their preferences. "Millennials want...

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The Innovators January 31, 2017
When It Comes to Employee Happiness, Work/Life Balance Offers Best ROI

When it comes to employee happiness, the biggest obstacle may be work/life balance, according to the Happiness Index 2016, a new report from employee intelligence platform Butterfly. The index is the result of a year-long study that explored the employee happiness and engagement trends of more than 5,000 employees in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In particular,...

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Inside Recruiting January 30, 2017
How Much Does Great Talent Cost?

According to new research from employer branding experts Universum, today's candidates generally value their worth in line with the overall market in their area. That means there is little discrepancy between expected salaries and what local economies are actually paying. In the Cost of Talent 2016 study, Universum asked business and engineering students from 57 countries what they...

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Inside Recruiting January 19, 2017
Automation Threatens to Put Accountants Out of Work

According to research conducted by Oxford University and Deloitte, two of the ten jobs most at risk of being totally automated in the next two decades are "financial accounts manager" and "bookkeeper." In light of this unsettling news, graduate jobs forum WikiJob issued a survey asking graduates interested in accounting careers how they felt about the threat. Are they concerned? Is this...

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Inside Recruiting January 18, 2017
Working Parents Say They Lack Supportive Benefits

According to a recent survey conducted by consumer healthcare organization Cognoa, 44 percent of working parents believe their current or past employers lack supportive, parent-friendly benefits. These working parents want their employers to offer additional resources. The number of families with two parents working full-time jobs increases each year, and if employers don't catch up, top...

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The Innovators January 17, 2017
Human Resources: A Decade of Changes – and the Challenges of Today

In a new study, HR software provider BambooHR offers insights into how the field of human resources has changed over the last ten years. In the course of the decade, businesses have learned to create more employee-conscious workplaces that meet employees' needs, in terms of technology, stress, and workplace environments. As a result of these initiatives, many employees see brighter futures...

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Inside Recruiting January 16, 2017
New Survey Says Retail Customer Service and Sales Reps Struggle in 5 Key Areas

Making the right hires is critical for any retailer looking to boost sales. Knowing what traits to look for in candidates can give retailers a leg up on the competition – especially with unemployment falling and the talent pool shrinking. Online reference-checker SkillSurvey recently released data revealing the top areas in which retail customer service and sales representatives need...

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Inside Recruiting January 13, 2017
Managing Through Mergers and Acquisitions: It's All About Trust

Managing through a merger or acquisition is one of the most complex challenges a business leader can face. Business models can change, market focuses can shift, and established organizational cultures can cease to exist. All around, the effects can be profound. "It's the people in a business that make the culture, and it is cultural differences that are at the top of the list when it...

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Inside Recruiting January 11, 2017
How to Attract and Retain Happy, Loyal Employees

Does it seem like a lot of your employees are jumping ship? According to the Global Workforce Happiness Index from employer branding experts Universum, they're probably leaving for one of the following reasons: better compensation and benefits, better opportunities for advancement, professional development and learning opportunities, or improved work/life balance. But of course, the...

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The Innovators January 10, 2017
Employees Want Better Workplace Communications

According to a recent survey conducted by Survata, more than 70 percent of employees want their companies to improve how they communicate information. "Companies are investing substantial resources to create great corporate cultures and employee experiences, yet they are using outdated and ineffective methods to communicate with their employees," Keith Kitani, cofounder and CEO of workplace...

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Inside Recruiting January 6, 2017
Candidate Assessment: How Candidates and Interviewers Can Get the Most Out of an Interview

The interview stage of the hiring process can be stressful for both the interviewee and the interviewer. For human resources professionals, the pressure to ask the right questions to help inform a potential job offer can be overwhelming. Here, Alexander Mann Solutions' Fiona Adams, head of internal talent acquisition for North America, offers insights into the best practices for HR...

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