Sofia Hernandez
Sofia Hernandez

Sofia Hernandez has been a senior HR executive at multiple Fortune 500 companies. She has written for a variety of major media outlets.

Inside Recruiting June 21, 2022
Where to Find the Best Talent: 5 Tips for Recruiting Globally

The United States labor market is in a state of unprecedented disruption. In November 2021 alone, a staggering 4.5 million professionals resigned. Many left to start companies of their own. Others snagged more lucrative positions. The unemployment rate crept down to below the four percent mark, reaching 3.6% by March 2022. If you're a recruiter or hiring manager, you may have given up...

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Inside Recruiting June 30, 2021
Looking for Candidates in a Talent Shortage? Get Back to the Basics of Great Recruiting.

You only want to hire the best. That's a given. But so do your competitors. Your team is not going to reach the ambitious goals you've set for it — or even maintain its market share in an increasingly competitive business environment — without first-rate talent. Yet employers are battling it out for workers right now, with the Washington Post reporting that there are more open jobs...

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The Innovators June 21, 2021
8 Ways to Lighten Your HR Department's Load

Your HR department works hard. Maybe too hard. Business leaders often look to their HR teams to make work more efficient for the rest of the organization, but it's very likely that your HR department is itself crying out for ways to lighten its workload. You need to listen. Here are a few tips to help your HR department help the rest of your workforce: 1. Upgrade Your Payroll...

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Inside Recruiting February 24, 2021
In the Age of Remote Work, International Hiring Is Still Tricky: Best Practices for Recruiting Global Talent

Recruitment can be complex and challenging, so it's no surprise the average hire costs thousands of dollars. The process takes time, requires organization, and can be a logistical nightmare under even the best circumstances. When you're making international hires, the headaches only increase. But sometimes, a foreign employee is the best addition to your team, and it would be a shame to...

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Smart Tech September 15, 2020
6 Tools to Help You Hire Tech Talent in the Age of COVID-19

Snagging tech talent has always been a fierce competition for recruiters, and while the coronavirus pandemic has drastically reshaped the economy and the talent market, tech professionals remain in hot demand. If you're trying to woo tech superstars, you need a strategic game plan — especially right now. It may be an employer's market, but that doesn't mean you can sit back and wait for...

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The Innovators August 21, 2020
Only the Efficient Survive: 4 Ways to Optimize Team Performance

Efficiency is the foundation of organizational survival. In tough times like 2020, optimizing your team's performance is all the more crucial. Optimizing a team is tricky business, though. Even the most cohesive of groups contain a variety of personalities and work styles, and leaders cannot simply ask their employees to "work harder" and expect everything to go well. It's not short-term...

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The Innovators February 3, 2020
To Improve Retention, Give Workers the Cultural Keys

Everyone knows it's cheaper to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. What you may not realize is the same holds true for employee turnover: The cost of replacing a lost employee can range from 16 percent of their annual salary to 213 percent, depending on the employee's level. Not all employee losses are preventable. People move. Interests change. But if you want to minimize your...

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The Innovators September 11, 2019
Contractors Are People Too: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Freelancers

Your contractors may not be employees, but if you don't treat them well, your company could suffer long-term consequences. You treat your vendors and full-time workers with respect, so why not include freelancers in that treatment? Moreover, you should consider the power freelancers have to help (or harm) your reputation. Great freelancers frequently talk to their professional circles...

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