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Success August 3, 2021
These Are the 45 Most Important Minutes of Your Day

Article by Jack Canfield Successful people maintain a positive focus in life, no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures. They focus on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to fulfilling their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents. They are proactive in pursuing their...

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Success July 27, 2021
Sheer Willpower Isn't the Problem. Entitlement Is.

Article by Rory Vaden The more I study ultra-performer business founders, the more I'm convinced of one thing. I believe that 98 percent of success is the sheer result of one's ability to keep pressing forward with a high degree of intensity regardless of the challenging circumstances. In a word, it's perseverance. The reason why most people don't persevere is different than you might...

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Inside Recruiting July 20, 2021
How to Help Your Sales Team Overcome the 4 Most Limiting Mindsets

Article by Eduardo Umanzor Sales managers are responsible for optimizing seller performance to realize revenue goals. Often, sales managers rely on training to help improve seller performance, but this approach by itself is insufficient. Training and hands-on experience can only get sellers so far. In fact, the biggest difference between successful sales performance and a lackluster record...

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Success July 13, 2021
Why My Imperfections Are My Greatest Strengths

Article by Debbie Biery As children, we learn about the world by making associations that help us remember words and shapes and names of things. It starts simply enough: We associate the color red with apples, the word "no" with the feeling of disappointment. The ideas of red apples and disappointing two-letter words become cemented in our minds. We might make associations based on the...

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Success July 6, 2021
12 Entrepreneurial Truths Working Parents Should Embrace

Article by Daisy Dowling You're a working parent or planning to become one. More challenging still, you're an entrepreneurial parent or planning to become one. And you're feeling daunted, conflicted, exhausted — or all three — by what you're going through or what lies ahead. You feel like you're all on your own. How could you not? Each parent walks their own path. Each...

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Success June 29, 2021
Beyond First Impressions: 6 Ways to Deepen Your Connections

Article by Tristan Ahumada A miller and his son were taking their donkey to sell at market when they passed a group of girls who laughed at how foolish the miller was to have a donkey and yet be walking. So the miller put his son on the donkey. Further down the road, they passed some older people who scolded the miller for allowing his young son to ride when he should be riding himself....

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Success June 22, 2021
Want to Thrive at Work? Learn to Wake Up Earlier

Article by Cecilia Meis It's one of the most surefire ways to improve productivity, yet many of us simply can't force ourselves to start the day sooner. The benefits are undeniable: A 2019 study jointly conducted by universities in the UK and Australia found that participants who woke up earlier reported decreased feelings of stress and depression and increased levels of physical and...

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Success June 15, 2021
7 Tips for Dealing With Uncertainty

Article by Blush Life Coaching If this year has taught us anything, it's that uncertainty is a b----. Although we may see the light at the end of the tunnel now that vaccines are accessible to many, it's going to take a while to shake off the trauma of 2020. Between our health and safety being under threat, changing restrictions, simply not knowing when our normal lives would resume,...

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Success June 8, 2021
How I Avoid Loneliness While Working Alone

Article by Catherine Downes Edie's nose is small and dark. It looks like it belongs to Teddy Ruxpin. Her snout was once a similar shade of charcoal, but swards of white fur have sprouted up around the edges of her mouth. I can't tell you when this occurred. One day, it registered that my once entirely black dog had a muzzle that appeared to have been dipped in a bowl of marshmallow...

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Success June 1, 2021
Zoom Etiquette 101: 8 Tips to Put Your Best Face Forward During Virtual Meetings

Article by Megan Nicole O'Neal 2020 required professionals across all industries to change the way they handle business. After a year, working remotely has proven to be as successful as — if not more than — working in an office for most companies. In fact, more than 20 Fortune 500 companies like Google, Spotify, and Zillow have declared they will adopt remote or hybrid work models...

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The Innovators May 11, 2021
Customer Love: How to Take Your Business From Good to Great

Article by Simon T. Bailey Need to give your business an edge over the competition? Stop selling and start connecting. Customer love is the key. Going beyond the transaction is what keeps you in business. Only 4 percent of entrepreneurial ventures survive for 10 years. I'm proud to be among them, with 18 years behind me as a speaker, author, and coach. Before setting out on my own, I...

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Success May 4, 2021
The Common Path to Uncommon Success Begins With an Idea

Article by John Lee Dumas You've been lied to. In fact, we've all been lied to. The reason? Most people don't want you to know one simple fact: Uncommon success is achievable, and the path there is a common one. I thought success meant money, respect, and maybe even fame. That warped definition led me to law school, where after one miserable semester, I dropped out. Then I dove into...

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