Tricia Sciortino

Tricia Sciortino is the CEO of one of the nation's leading virtual assistant companies, BELAY. As CEO, Tricia strives to lead and inspire her team to provide extraordinary services while finding great talent along the way. As a leader, she's passionate about helping her team forge their own paths, careers, and professional development, putting each of the company's valued employees and contractors in the driver seat to cultivate the balance of work and life that best suits them.

The Innovators November 2, 2020
Doing More With Less: How to Grow Your Business With the Staff You Already Have

As a leader, you're a visionary. You may use terms like "cat-herder," "jack-of-all-trades," and "superstar" to describe yourself. However, just because you can accomplish practically any and every function necessary for the continued operation of your emerging enterprise, that doesn't mean you should. Ideally, leaders should spend the bulk of their time and energy doing that which only...

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The Innovators March 23, 2020
Want to Scale Your Business Smarter and Faster? Hire Remote Workers.

For decades, the ability to work from home was the holy grail of fringe benefits. But times have changed, and — especially in light of recent events — remote work is less of a sought-after perk and more of an operational standard. In fact, it has become increasingly difficult to find a company that has not adopted some kind of flexible work policy. According to some estimates, as many...

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