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HR Recruiter

Recruiter interviewing a candidate

What is an HR Recruiter? While the term “HR recruiter” may sound redundant, as both human resources managers and recruiters both find job candidates and get them hired, this job is very specific. Corporate HR recruiters are generally hired by a large company to coordinate the recruitment efforts of the entire company. Instead of working for themselves as headhunters or for a recruitment firm, an HR recruiter focuses their efforts on filling positions within the company that has hired them.

HR recruiters are often what people refer to them as; however, their actual job titles vary. The most frequently used job titles include: Talent Acquisition Specialist, Corporate Recruiter, HR Generalist, Recruiting Generalist, Recruitment Coordinator, Talent Coordination, Director of Recruiting, Hiring Specialist, Talent Management Director, etc…

Human Resources Recruiter Duties

Generally, a corporate human resources recruiter designs and implements the overall recruiting strategy for the company, while the human resources department handles hiring, employee retention, and all of the general duties associated with employee management and policy. A human resources recruiter will source candidates and develop their own business network, as well as design and implement recruiting plans for the company. An HR recruiter might also work with universities for college recruitment efforts, as well as handle the administration and recordkeeping of their recruiting plans.

Administrative Duties

A corporate human resources recruiter has to manage the entire recruiting team at the company, including any headhunters or contingency recruiters the company has hired. This means that they must prepare offers for candidates and new hire orientation materials, as well as typical recruiter duties like interviewing candidates and screening job applicants. Recruiters also must keep detailed records of all applicants, contacts, and positions.


Even though an HR recruiter works for a large company, they need to build and maintain a large network in order to source qualified candidates for their positions. Having just one corporate client can actually help a recruiter develop a network because they can focus their efforts in one industry and locale. Good ways for recruiters to grow their network include becoming a member of industry organizations, joining trade groups, attending conferences, and talking with current employees.

Recruiting Plans

Developing a recruiting plan for a large company involves working closely with the human resources department, executives, and managers in order to get the best talent for the company. Corporate human resources recruiters must create an overall recruiting plan that outlines the type of candidates needed and how they will be reached. They also draft and post job descriptions, as well as continually source candidates for currently open positions and future positions. Recruiters must also check in with new hires and managers to see the results of their recruiting plans and tweak them for the future. They may also design and implement programs for employee referrals.

College Recruiting

Coordinating with nearby colleges is an important aspect of a corporate human resources recruiter’s job. Developing a college recruiting initiative begins by identifying majors in nearby universities that will prepare students for a job with the company. Most college recruitment initiatives involve presenting at the university, attending college job fairs, and sponsoring student groups. A good recruiter will also develop business relationships with universities to get the word out about their company.

Working within one company allows recruiters to get deeply involved with corporate growth and expansion efforts. HR Recruiters can get involved with everything from sourcing and social media to employment branding and employment marketing, to building hiring manager competency and executive bench-strength, to improving retention and employee referrals. It’s an exciting career that is absolutely critical to corporate success. Human talent is of course the most important element to any company, and corporate recruiters are the ones responsible for locating and attracting this talent.

If you’re looking for a corporate HR recruiter, it’s important to know what they do and how very important it is. They are responsible for finding and vetting the best candidates for open positions in your company. They also work with hiring managers to ensure that the best possible candidates are interviewed and hired. Because of their role in coordinating recruitment efforts across an entire organization, corporate HR recruiters have a unique perspective on the job market and can help you find the best talent available.

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