Qualities of a Successful Marketing Executive

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To make it in the marketing world, you have to have more than business expertise. When hiring,  CEOs and recruiters have all wanted to know what are the qualities of a successful marketing executive, and marketing professionals should know these qualities if they want to get ahead in their careers. According to industry experts, successful marketing executives need to have these seven essential characteristics.


A successful marketing executive needs to have a strong vision for what they want to accomplish for the brand in the present and in the future. A marketing visionary needs to see clearly what has to happen to make the brand successful and articulate this vision to business partners. Not only is a strong vision necessary, but a marketing manager needs to be able to inspire others to embrace this vision.

Business Driver

Another trait of a successful marketing manager is a strong knowledge of  how business works and the ability to put that knowledge to use. Successful marketing executives can drive business and improve growth through innovative business solutions.

Strategic Thinker

A top notch marketing executive needs to have the ability to plan and execute business strategy in the details and the big picture. The way to create the best marketing strategy is to know the market using marketing tools like analytics and metrics. With a solid understanding of market trends, you can develop a targeted strategy to meet your goals.

Digital Guru

In today’s technology-driven world, a successful marketing executive needs to live on the cutting edge of technology and be familiar with all kinds of platforms. A thorough knowledge of Web 2.0 marketing strategies is essential for any high level marketing executive.

Customer Driven

All high level marketing executives are focused on fulfilling the customer’s needs. Targeting the right customer is essential to a successful marketing campaign, and a top notch marketing executive needs to know how to find and target that customer.

Brand Champion

In order to be successful in marketing, you have to have a passion for the businesses and brands you are supporting. As an advocate for the brand, you can ensure the accuracy of all marketing messages and make sure that your vision is shared.

Relationship Focused

Marketing isn’t just planning marketing strategies and business processes. A high level marketing executive needs to be able to garner support from business leaders in all levels of a company. Building business relationships is an important aspect of many successful marketing executives.

Marie is a writer for Recruiter.com covering career advice, recruitment topics, and HR issues. She has an educational background in languages and literature as well as corporate experience in Human Resources.