Recruiter Split Placement Networks

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people networksIf you think that recruiting is an effective way of hiring on the best staff, imagine if you had two or even a whole network of recruiters who could blend their talents to bring you a wealth of talent, dedication and indelible work ethic.  This is what split recruiting is all about, and many companies are using this method to drive their business.

Simply put, split placement recruiting involves two (usually third party or agency) recruiters who work together to help a client find the best possible candidate.  This is done for many reasons, but mostly to ensure that clients are provided with the best quality and volume when it comes to employee selection.  As far as the recruiters, the commission for a split placement is usually even or 60/40, and is typically broken up between the recruiter managing the candidate and the recruiter managing the client.

Here are some of the popular split placement networks. Keep in mind that each network has different fee structures, including subscription costs and fees made on each placement.

SplitRecruiter: This split placement network is by invitation only and helps connect recruiters, clients and candidates to vacant jobs in a more effective and efficient manner. helps to link other elite industry members with each other in an effort to filter in only the most highly coveted candidates in a wide range of industries from Information Technology to Human Resources.

BountyJobs: This company works a little bit differently than a traditional organization, with employers posting vacancies that are available within their organization with a “bounty” placed on them.  Headhunters search their wide network of candidates to match skillsets, work ethic and availability and provide the listing to the employer, who reviews the submission and selects a candidate.  The successful headhunter gets 75% of the bounty.

HireSyndicate: Working with pods, which are groups of recruiters who share vacancies that need to be filled as well as qualified candidates, HireSyndicate helps employers find their dream match.  As a recruiter, you can submit candidates and as a client, you can make a call for proposals.  HireSyndicate has now gone mobile as well, providing recruitment right to your fingertips.

TopEchelon: This agency is members only, but provides world-class connections.  Using a program called ‘Splitsville’, they have helped more than 20,000 clients find the perfect match for their organization.  They have a database of more than 1000 recruiters who can make split placements.

FeeTrader: An incredibly effective network, FeeTrader helps clients by allowing them to make unlimited placement and eliminating brokerage fees.  Candidates can be posted and progress can be followed using their online system.  There is also a resume database for employers to browse through as well.

NPAWorldwide: NPA has been conducting split recruiting placements for more than 50 years and they are known as leaders of industry.  Their members benefit from a higher quality pool of available candidates as well as the ability to filter their requirements by things like geographical location and any specialties that the incumbent should posses.

If you have been looking for a more diverse way to meet the needs of your staffing and recruiting business when it comes to candidate or client development, consider using a split placement through a respected split network.  Sometimes, all it takes is to change things up is one more placement a month, and split placements can also drive both recruiters to work harder in order to achieve their objectives.

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