Top 10 Books Every Recruiter Should Read

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Whether you’re a new or an old recruiter, there is always something new that you can learn. What better way to do that than by reading some books from the latest innovators in the industry?

There are many recruitment books out there, but there are a few that are a must-read for any recruiter.

Keep reading to discover what the top ten books are for recruiters!

1. Knock ’em Dead: Hiring the Best 

This book by Martin Yate is a must-reader for hiring managers. Recruiters might still gain valuable insight, but hiring managers are the target audience for this book since recruiters usually have to advise hiring managers. 

Some of the topics in this book talk about how to manage productively, which means you have to hire effectively. Hiring effectively is the core topic of this book since this is how managers will have a productive team. Yate argues that this is the foundational skill of having good management.

If you can’t hire effectively, your team will struggle to be productive. 

2. The Robot-Proof Recruiter

This book by Katrina Collier talks about artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting and how you can utilize technology solutions to boost your recruitment process. She writes about how it can be challenging to compete with AI solutions, but she offers tips that can help you survive the competition and gain tremendous skills and a human touch that AI will never replace. 

She also talks about how you can use this to improve your process. She argues that they can help with candidate engagement to beat your competitors. 

Collier also has an interesting take by arguing that you can successfully recruit without having an online presence. Check out this book if you’re interested in some exciting variations on technology (and a good laugh)!

3. Who: The A-Method of Recruiting

Geoff Smart and Randy Street are the authors of this book, and they spent thousands of hours interviewing CEOs and billionaires about how to hire successfully. Then, they condensed these interviews into a book in 2008.

This book was also on the New York Times Bestseller list. You’ll find a plan for hiring team players for any position you want. You can even find a walkthrough for the interview process. This book also offers advice on how to help the candidate you’re interviewing. 

4. Hiring By Design

This book by Jodi Brandstetter is a best-selling author of recruitment books. She is also a chief talent strategist, a founder of a talent acquisition company, and one of the best talent acquisition professionals. She is a leader in recruiting, and her latest book helps you frame your thinking regarding talent acquisition.

She helps break down a recruitment strategy and shares strategies that will help recruiting professionals strengthen their process. This book even has templates you can apply to your business and hiring practices for ultimate success. 

Anyone who wants to find a creative way to improve their talent acquisition process should read this book. 

5. Hire With Your Head

Lou Adler wrote a must-read book for all recruiters. With a history of being a recruiter, Adler knows insights about the hiring process and offers advice on changing the process. 

Adler believes that the performance-based hiring processes need many systematic changes to improve. He believes that recruiters must adapt to these changes because of the Internet, websites, demographic changes, global expansion, and more. He comments on the Job Hopper economy, saying that jumping jobs doesn’t hold as much stigma as it once did. 

If you’re looking for innovative thinking about the recruiting process, this is the best book out there. 

6. The Advantage

Patrick Lencioni wrote this book to help companies get a competitive edge in the hiring process. He teaches how to build a health organization, starting with the people you hire. 

His strategy is straightforward to implement in your company, and he offers very simple principles that any company can use. This is an excellent book for any executive or experienced recruiter that wants to help clients build a company that aligns with solid core values. 

7. Hiring for Diversity

Gereradus Blokydk argues that having a diverse workforce is essential and should be a priority. If it’s not a priority for your business, you need to make it one. 

After reading this book, you’ll know how to set diversity goals and have clear steps to achieve them. The strategies he presents in this book are created by using evidence proving that they work. 

This book also teaches how you can utilize different advancements, trends, and strategies to improve the diversity at your company. The book also has a scorecard that you can use to assess your current business’s diversity initiatives. 

Anyone who wants to prioritize diversity in their company should read this book. If you’re unsure where to start, this book offers a great starting place. 

8. Social Media Recruitment

Social media recruiting has become very popular thanks to the rise of social media, and Andy Headworth offers many tips on how to use it. This book is for you if you want to use Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook to find new talent.

You’ll learn how to create a successful recruiting campaign and measure hiring success, utilize employment data, how employer branding benefits your recruiting process, and build a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. With these tools, you can successfully integrate social media into your recruiting process.

9. Recruiting 101

Steven Mostyn is a leading innovator in recruitment, and he’s also a bestselling author. He published this book in 2016, containing all the fundamentals that a recruiter needs to start recruiting. 

He also lists fifteen skills that every recruiter will need to succeed in their career. You’ll also learn about what average hiring mistake costs to avoid so that you can improve your chances of being successful. He offers a confidence boost if you’re not confident about your recruiting skills. His positive attitude while writing will help any recruiter at the beginning of their career. 

10. The Talent Fix

To find top talent, you should read this book by Tim Sackett. Sackett believes that recruiting is successful when you build teams dedicated to continuously improving. 

Sackett is also an innovator because he believes that recruiters should work hand in hand with marketing teams. He even goes so far as to argue that they should be a part of marketing rather than an HR team because of how much marketing they have to do to bring in new candidates.

This book is excellent if you’re a talent acquisition manager, search firm owner, or running your in-house recruitment. 

More Recruiting Resources

These are only a few of the popular recruiting books that every recruiter should pick up, but many resources are available.

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