Top 10 Skills Recruiters Should Look for in Candidates in 2022

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According to a LinkedIn report, 92% of hiring managers now focus on candidates who have soft skills.

So what are the top soft skills that professional recruiters need to look for when they’re screening resumes and conducting interviews for job openings? 

Keep reading to discover what skills you should start screening for in your potential candidates to ensure that you make the best hire. 

1. Adaptability

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the move to remote work, companies have had to adapt and drastically change to keep up with competitors. Because of that, employees also need to have adaptability. 

Recruiters should look for people who have succeeded in their job regardless of any downfalls or challenges they had to overcome. Even throughout it, they need to have the desire and drive to succeed. 

This skill is hard for employees to learn, so if you can find someone who already has that skill, they may be a top candidate.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is nothing new, but many organizations look for this to ensure that their employees will be able to work together. Different tests can determine emotional intelligence, but some internal recruiters can look for signs of it during an interview.

With everything that’s been happening, employees are asked to take on more and more responsibilities and stressors, not just in work but also in their personal lives. Emotional intelligence will be one indicator to show that they can handle these stressors and know how to cope. 

Emotional intelligence can also help employees relate to their coworkers and know where they’re coming from.

3. Communication Skills

If you’re going to be working in a virtual environment, communication skills are a must. Employees will need to know how to send straightforward emails and messages and learn how to communicate on Zoom meetings and phone calls.

A recruiter and hiring manager can check for these skills by reviewing the resume. Are their ideas and accomplishments portrayed accurately? 

Do they know how to speak, listen, and negotiate during the interview or hiring process? If they do, that’s a clear sign that they have good communication skills.

4. Ability to Work in a Virtual Environment

Remote work grew by 159% recently, so if you’re going to have a remote environment for employees, you need to look for talent that can work in a virtual environment.

While looking for people who have already worked in a remote work environment can be a great fit, some candidates still have never gotten the chance but would like to. In that case, recruiters should look for evidence of working with other teams, having a good understanding of technology, being responsive, and being involved and invested in team culture. 

Working in a remote environment can be challenging and even isolating to some candidates. Still, if you find people who can work independently or as a team even across technology, you’ll likely have a great hire. 

5. Willingness to Learn

While most employees want a company who will provide them with opportunities to learn, it’s also essential for search firms to look for people who wish to advance and add more tools and skillsets to their arsenal.

You won’t be able to focus your company on innovation, effective communication, or change management without people willing to change and keep learning. 

There are all kinds of learning platforms that employees can take advantage of, and hiring managers are looking for people who are willing to learn and grow in their careers.

6. Leadership Abilities

Even if you’re not hiring for a management or executive position, you’ll still want people who have leadership potential. 

Even if they aren’t managing a team, they might have to manage a project or lead other teams while working on that. These skills can also help motivate employees to be productive and ensure that all tasks and responsibilities are completed on time. 

Leadership skills that might show up on resumes are actively listening, giving and receiving feedback, and being dependable.

7. Decision Making

Everyone will have to make decisions, and analyzing every possibility is a skill. 

Candidates should be able to assess the situation before them and then come to a decision that they believe is the best outcome. There are many different ways that candidates can show this on their resumes.

For example, they may list how some of their decisions benefited the company. They can show how deciding to take a specific job led them forward in their career. 

8. Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence software becoming more and more popular on the job market, many companies are looking for candidates that have experience with that. 

Even if the next job that a candidate applies for isn’t directly related to AI, having a top-level knowledge of it can help someone do better at a company that works with AI tech. 

9. Creativity

There will always be issues that come up where you can’t think inside of the box. You want someone who can use creativity to find different ways to problem-solve.

Plus, when you have a group of employees who can think creatively, you’re more likely to 

10. Resilience

Lastly, employers want to know that their employees will have resilience. Not every journey with a company will be perfect, and the employees need to be able to pick themselves up and keep going. 

You can assess this in an interview by asking how they’ve dealt with difficulties or challenges in their job or past and how they’ve overcome them. If they haven’t had any challenges, ask them how they think they would handle a future one. 

Discover More Skills Recruiters Should Look For

These are only a few skills that recruiters should look for when screening candidates, but there are many more that you should add to this list. 

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Alyssa Harmon is the content manager of Recruiter Today.