Recruitment Advertising

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Recruitment advertising covers the processes, methods, design, and branding principles that employers use when they post jobs online or through offline channels.

It can comprise not only job postings, but also PR and other information initiatives designed to create interest in as well as find employees for the company-including the operation of information kiosks, participation in job fairs, distribution of materials at campus visits and media coverage of the company that doubles as advertising, e.g., so-called "advertorials".

The associated tasks may be undertaken by non-specialist, in-house staff or delegated to advertising consultants, agencies or other specialists-the latter being especially likely with large companies with big advertising budgets and high stakes.

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Recruitment Advertising is simply any public business communication used to attract applicants. This type of professional outreach is usually a company's first impression made upon the labor pool and needs to precisely articulate the goals and values of a company, portray a positive and welcoming image, and generate interest in the available jobs, and, more broadly, the company. While there is no standard format for promotions, including ads serving these purposes, most companies use a conventional mix to best address the most common initial inquiries of potential applicants.

The fundamental purpose of an advertisement is to generate reader interest and response. The more visually striking the ad, the more attention it draws and the more confidence applicants will have in the image a company is attempting to present. The layout of the display should be simple, using abundant illustrations, colorful borders, and plenty of white space to highlight the message.

The foremost prerequisite for advancing a strong corporate image through advertising is to incorporate a quality headline and subheadings, throughout the advertisement. Headlines serve to frame each section and reinforce the points made within the body of the ad. Good headlines work to emphasize benefits, accentuate the company image, and orient the reader while digesting the presented information.

The core of a recruitment advertisement provides corporate background information, specific job details, and aspects of the company that differentiate it from other firms. This information is best couched in language that refers to specific benefits that serve the self-interest of a potential applicant. An effective recruitment outreach leaves readers understanding the function of a company, the benefits of being employed by that company, and the means for contacting the company in order to apply.

In order to attract new talent to a company's workforce, it is necessary to make these potential candidates aware of the opportunities available to them within your organization. Aside from head-hunting, the best way to attract potential workers is through the use of advertising.

A successful recruitment advertising campaign will have contained within its ads the title of the job; a brief blurb and a longer more descriptive job description with the blurb serving to draw the potential recruit in; a brief description of the company and/or the company goals; the required criteria to meet before applying for the job, and contact information to enable interested parties to act on the information.

The means used to enable recruitment advertising can be incredibly varied. The company may decide to outsource the search to a firm that specializes in pairing job hunters with specific job vacancies, or firms that head-hunt individuals with the desired skill-set. Purchasing space on a mainstream job-search website is a similar tactic, as is time in any mass medium such as television, newspapers, or billboards to advertise the vacancy to a greater number of people.

The key to recruitment advertising is three-fold; conciseness and clarity in the details of the vacancy and the desired applicant, and good communication of this vacancy to the public.
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