Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment and selection is the process of sourcing and qualifying candidates for open jobs. Find advice and resources for selection and assessment of applicants, as well as the latest technologies for job applications.
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It is very important to employ the right people to each position within an organization. Without the correct skill set and/or attitude, an employee can quickly inflict damage upon a company's turnover, reputation, or both. The effect of a badly selected employee versus a good employee is quite profound and can cost or save money and time, making it important that recruitment selection is done correctly the first time.

Systems of recruitment selection can differ greatly in the procedures they follow, but should always adhere to a few simple principles in order to ensure that the best candidate is selected without creating too much disruption. It should be efficient, which means it will be cost and time-effective with a smooth transition for the chosen employee(s) into the vacancy. It should be effective, in that a narrow selection of suitable candidates should be produced by the recruitment advertising process and the subsequent selection of applicants whose personal details and qualifications are known for the purposes of interview and final selection. Finally, the process should be fair, as this not only gives each candidate equal footing, but also benefits the organization, in that the best candidate with the greatest merit wins the employment.

The most important and overriding aim of recruitment selection is that the right candidate takes the vacancy present at the company. This may not necessarily mean the most qualified, as the employee's attitude and persona can determine a compensating level of effort they invest in their work, flexibility and commitment, and the morale of those working around them. The key to good recruitment selection, then, resides with the interviewer who must gauge the suitability of each candidate screened.