Recruitment Websites

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Fundamentally, recruitment websites, such as, are facilitators; catalysts; information sources, guides and repositories; and professional communities serving the needs of job seekers, recruiters and employers.

By replacing the office face-to-face with digital and virtual interfaces, while playing the traditional role of intermediary, recruiting websites not only save time, money, space and energy, but also create new synergies, networks and critical masses that catalyze the posting, vetting and hiring processes.

Among the critical things they disseminate are job listings and descriptions, resumes and profiles, contacts for networking, validation of jobs and job seekers, guidelines to effective recruitment, employment issue analysis and updates, and valuable perspectives on all of these.

Recruitment websites are sites that act as third parties to help both recruiter and applicants communicate at and on the primary stage of recruitment. A well organized recruitment website is designed in such a way as to make this communication process easier and effective, through the functionality of an online recruitment system.

Searching for applicants through newspapers or other agencies is costly for an organization. A recruitment website provides a cost-effective way for recruiters to find top quality talent. It is also highly appreciated by the applicants, as they can directly send their profiles and contact information to the recruiter. The benefits of recruitment websites include the following:

- It is easy to post a job advertisement at zero or insubstantial cost.
- Because of their global reach, recruiting websites make it much easier to access an international talent pool and overseas jobs, thereby capitalizing on and facilitating the globalization of labor.
- Recruiters and applicants can easily communicate in the primary stages of vetting and hiring.
- Website recruitment is convenient for applicants as an online process.
- They are well-suited for short-notice, short-term and acute-need hiring scenarios.

In many important respects, a recruiting website is like a physical community: It provides a matrix within which individual and institutional efforts and requirements can be coordinated, integrated, documented and facilitated through a well-developed architecture and infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of optimizing the utilization and satisfaction of all within it.
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