Employee Selection Resources

Selection is the stage of the recruitment process when decisions are made as to the viability of a particular candidate's job application. Employers typically have large volumes of job applicants, so a well-thought out job application is essential for job seekers. Conversely, HR departments that do not put in place effective and regimented screening techniques experience a frustrating, manual process that promotes productivity loss and compliance issues.
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In case of job recruitment, selection is the process to choose potential working persons for a company or organization. The process has a direct effect on an organization's overall productivity. A right chosen person proves helpful to increase overall performance of a company. On the contrary, a wrong selection may lead to material and financial depletion. A perfect selection process can help to find out the most eligible candidates amongst all applicants.

Process of selecting candidates focuses on abilities, knowledge, skills, experience and various other related factors. Generally when recruitment is on, the employer bench may receive thousands of applications. It is quite difficult to go thorough all the resumes and find out the most eligible among them. As such, certain methods are followed to make the recruitment process easier. Tests are most popular methods to select a perfect employee. Types of test may differ according to job types. Knowledge based testing formats focuses upon a candidate's knowledge, general intelligence and memory status. Some organization checks candidates' knowledge and idea in the relevant field of work. Test can be of two types, written tests and internet based tests. Some organization also focuses on preliminary tests to determine whether a candidate is suitable for their work-culture and office environment. Also other factors like salary, working hours and other basic needs are taken into consideration before the offer-letter is scripted. Medical test is important before recruiting a candidate. It helps to identify a person's physical and mental fitness for that job position.
Interview is the final step to select a candidate as employee. An interview helps to determine a candidate's personality.