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Event Management Technology: The Key to Event Success   While the best practices previously outlined should steer you in the right direction, there is one more thing to keep in mind before heading to your next high-volume recruiting event: For best results, invest in the right event management technology.   As mentioned earlier, event management technology is a relatively new arm of recruiting technology designed specifically for use at career fairs and other events. These solutions are meant to help employers run events, engage and track candidates, and reach their desired targets.   To give you a better idea of what event management technology can do, let’s look at some of the top features offered by Oleeo, one of the leaders in the event management technology world:

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In our fierce talent market, every day your hiring process drags on is another day your company misses out on revenue and risks losing its top prospects to faster competitors. While  recruiters, HR pros, and hiring managers can’t cut corners with interviews and assessments, they can streamline their hiring processes by automating away cumbersome manual tasks.   Interview scheduling is a prime candidate for automation, as it requires little in the way of active thinking or problem-solving, while still managing to take up far too much time for both recruiters and candidates. With interview automation tools, candidates can schedule interviews themselves, no back-and-forth required. This convenient approach to scheduling can shave days off the process, allowing employers to get top talent in the door faster.

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In this eBook, we’ve collected 30 of the best sourcing tips for recruiters, split into two categories: 1. “15 Ways to Optimize Your Sourcing Efforts” deals with the tactics and techniques recruiters can adopt to find qualified candidates with ease. 2. “15 Tech Tools and Tips for Sourcers” outlines some of the technologies recruiters can add to their arsenals in order to enhance their sourcing efforts. Sourcing is critical, but it doesn’t have to be a timesuck. Use the following tips and tech to become a master sourcer without sacrificing a full day and a half every week. Technology should be a key part of any smart sourcing strategy — more on that in the next section — but artificial intelligence (AI) is not yet sufficiently advanced to run the whole operation on its own. For the foreseeable future, recruiters will need to work alongside technology to get the job done. There are many efficiency gains to be made in the realm of manual sourcing. 

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As we’ve seen, rewards programs offer plenty of benefits to consumers, but they are not without their challenges, including: •         Too many disparate rewards programs to track them all•         Rewards expire before you can use them•         Rewards points have limited use•         Redemption schemes are difficult to navigate However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a blockchain-based rewards program that issues consumers tokens instead of points, you get more freedom, control, and flexibility out of rewards programs. The benefits of blockchain for consumers include: •         Transferable tokens give consumers flexibility•         Consumers can spend and accumulate rewards points as they see fit•         Tokens never expire•         Blockchain technology ensures security and transparency While blockchain-based rewards programs may seem like a pipe dream, they’re much closer than you might think, thanks to Asset Token. Asset Token is the world’s first transferable rewards points ERC20-compliant token on the Ethereum Network. Asset Token uses blockchain technology to give consumers more personalized, secure, and flexible rewards programs.  To learn more about how Asset Token is revolutionizing rewards programs for consumers — and how you can get involved — visit today!

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Asset Token is the world’s first transferable rewards points ERC20-compliant token on the Ethereum Network designed to enable financial institutions to quickly, easily, and securely manage loyalty programs. Asset Token seeks to revolutionize the rewards industry and create a self-sustaining ecosystem that will grow in value for all participants over time.The Asset Token is a “NOW” implementable token. Financial institutions can directly buy the Asset Tokens via any payment method or from users who currently hold Asset Tokens on participating exchanges. Financial institutions can use Asset Tokens as a redemption on their current rewards programs or convert entirely to Asset Tokens to replace their current systems. Banks can easily integrate the ERC20 wallet standard to user’s accounts and deploy a management system for distributing Asset Tokens among users. Additionally, the built-in transparency of the Ethereum network is perfectly designed for a rewards point system that does not reveal critical user and banking information.To learn more about how Asset Token is revolutionizing rewards programs for consumers — and how your organization can reap the benefits — visit today!

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Today's job market is competitive and stressful for both employers and job seekers, and it is now becoming extremely important that companies utilize new and unique recruitment methods in order to stay afloat. Although traditional recruitment methods still prove to play a role in hiring, setting oneself apart from the competition relies on thinking outside the box. After all, employees are an asset to any business, and finding the best employees is crucial for the growth and success of every company.So what can your company do to stand out from the crowd and draw in skilled candidates while recruiting? Try out these top five recruitment methods that will change your hiring for good.

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Candidates and existing employees alike agree: Professional development is the key to higher engagement, more satisfaction, lower turnover, and a more innovative and productive workforce.   Furthermore, poorly structured onboarding processes can cause new hires to jump ship within their first six months on the job.   Next-level onboarding process such as the one described in this eBook requires next-level tech to keep it running smoothly and effectively. For that, you’ll want to have a look at ClearCompany, the most intuitive talent acquisition and talent management software available.

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These days, data is power. The more information you have on candidates, the stronger your talent pool will be – and a strong talent pool leads to better hires in less time for less money. Of course, collecting candidate data is easier said than done, and managing that data once you have it my be even harder to do. How do you ensure that every candidate profile in your database is as up to date as possible? How do you track a candidate's entire history with your company when that relationship might span years? And how do you centralize all that candidate data in one place when it's coming from ATSs, CRMs, social media, and your own inbox?The answer, it turns out, is simple: You need to find the right candidate data solution.

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It all starts with education. That means sales incentive programs help sales people become trusted advisors and include sales education that incorporates product information, the stages of the buyer's journey, and what salespeople should accomplish at each stage.

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It wasn't too long ago that most employee incentive programs simply consisted of health benefits and paid vacation days. Today, however, those things are not enough to constitute a world-class employee recognition program. Employers that want to attract and retain top talent in 2016 need to rethink their employee engagement strategies and offer programs that motivate and inspire their employees to strive for more.

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The Walking Mentorship is a personal and professional development program that combines a weeklong hike through Spain's Camino de Santiago with a variety of exercises designed to help you create a "strategic architecture" for your life. In this eBook, the founder of the program recounts the story of one session from the summer of 2016.

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You have the talent, education, and skills to do much more than you are currently doing at work and within your career. So what’s getting in your way?In "Get Out of Your Own Way at Work", Dr. Mark Goulston, executive coach, CEO advisor, author, and more, examines a multitude of "self-defeating" behaviors that could be getting in the way of your career and your life. As a former crisis psychiatrist, UCLA professor of psychiatry, and FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Goulston has helped countless individuals get out of their own way and reach personal and professional success.Dr. Goulston has spent hundreds of hours guiding Fortune 100 executives, small business owners, and everyone in between away from their self-sabotaging behaviors. Now, he’s here to help you, too. Here’s to your future!

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