Get Hired Apr 16, 2021
After A COVID Time Out, How Do You Write the Perfect Resume?

As of March 2021, nearly ten million Americans are still out of work, almost double the number of unemployed people from a year ago. While the pandemic has certainly devastated the workforce, in ways we have yet to see, the country has started to recover (slowly) from the worst of it. Now is a great time to review your personal job application strategy, starting with the lynchpin of any job...

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Get Hired Apr 14, 2021
Left Out of Work by COVID? Consider These 4 Career Pivots

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven massive job losses over the last year. Millions of Americans still remain unemployed—the Department of Labor's latest report says 770,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims in mid-March. Travel, hospitality, entertainment and personal services have been among the hardest hit occupations, and many workers say they're even willing to accept a job...

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Get Hired Apr 6, 2021
3 Ways Remote Work Is Changing Internships for the Better

Much like traditional employment, internships have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Last April, 22 percent of employers surveyed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) said they were revoking offers for summer internship programs. Luckily for students seeking the experience and networking that internships offer, many organizations have retained...

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Get Hired Apr 1, 2021
How to Navigate Money Conversations in the Workplace Based on Your Personality Type

Money is a pervasive part of everyday life, from romantic relationships to friendships to the workplace, so it's needless to say that money conversations are really important. That said, they can also be pretty tricky and uncomfortable, especially when they involve colleagues or employers. Let's take a deeper look at the importance of these conversations and how to engage them in the...

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Get Hired Mar 25, 2021
How to Ask for Feedback That Will Actually Help You

Depending on how your company is structured and your company's management style, you may receive feedback on a regular basis, or you may only get it at your annual review. If you're reading this, we're guessing that whatever the case, you want more feedback from your bosses. Getting transparent feedback is essential to professional growth because it helps you identify your strengths...

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Get Hired Feb 26, 2021
Your Personal Blog Can Get You a Job — If You Include These 11 Things

Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: What's one thing a candidate could add to their personal blog or website to make them stand out to an employer like you? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization composed of the world's most successful...

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Get Hired Feb 23, 2021
The 7 Golden Rules to Greatly Boost Your Online Test Score

In the following article, I will walk you through seven great, practical, and actionable tips to tackle any online test from the world's top test providers. An online test can be a very intimidating and stressful experience. Approaching it without proper preparation will seriously hurt your chances at landing your desired job. Preparing in a smart way, on the other hand, will significantly...

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Get Hired Feb 22, 2021
Don't Go From the Frying Pan Into the Fire: Know What You Really Want in Your Job Search

During this time of economic upheaval, it is challenging to find a job, much less one you will really be happy in. You may be so focused on simply getting an offer that you do not realize what you are stepping into. If you find that you're often unhappy at work after starting a new role, it's probably time to improve your interviewing skills. Don't Be Like Robert Robert was searching...

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Get Hired Feb 10, 2021
Career Change in 2021: 10 Great Jobs You Can Do From Home

While 2020 was a turbulent year, it did introduce many of us to the joys and challenges of working from home for the first time. Now, some professionals want to continue working remotely even after the pandemic ends. Maybe you worked remotely for the first time during 2020, found you loved it, and now want a long-term remote job. Perhaps you've realized you want a job that gives you more...

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Get Hired Feb 5, 2021
Post-Military Employment: The Most Common Jobs for Veterans in the UK

Employment prospects are typically good for those leaving the military. People retiring from the armed forces can enter a wide range of jobs and industries. Here's a look at some of the most common career paths of veterans, according to army price comparison site Forces Compare. Working-Age Veterans In Great Britain specifically, forty percent of veterans leave the army at working age...

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Get Hired Feb 4, 2021
Understanding the Role of a Business Development Manager

The role of business development manager is a relatively new one in the business landscape. Here, we explore what this job really involves. What Is a Business Development Manager A business development manager (BDM) is the person in charge of generating new business for a company. Essentially a sales professional, a BDM's day-to-day role involves pitching the business to potential new...

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Get Hired Feb 2, 2021
Breaking Into the Loan Industry: 5 Jobs You Can Get

In the UK, the loan industry is a multimillion-pound business, and it's similarly large in the US. With thousands of people relying on loans to fund their everyday lives, the sector is poised to continue growing. Loans are becoming more and more ubiquitous as people look to mortgages, auto loans, and student loans to help them finance their needs. To meet this growing demand, many roles are...

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Get Hired Feb 1, 2021
Working in eCommerce: 4 Jobs You Can Get

Fundamentally, "eCommerce" refers to any commercial transaction that takes place online. The transaction could be for a financial service or purchasing items on a fashion site, for example. When money and data are transferred through the internet to buy and sell goods and services, the activity is eCommerce. Now is a great time to think about finding a role in eCommerce, as the growth of...

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Get Hired Feb 1, 2021
How to Write a Resume That Beats the Applicant Tracking System

Over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS). Many organizations, especially those that need to make a lot of hires in a short period of time, also use an ATS to stitch all of the components of their hiring processes together. When it's time to hire, HR teams can spend hours organizing applications, scanning them, evaluating them, and sending emails to...

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Get Hired Feb 1, 2021
How to Get a Job in Penetration Testing

Penetration testers, also known as "pen testers" or "ethical hackers," simulate cyberattacks as a way to identify security flaws within a company's network and infrastructure. Penetration testers provide the organization with a full report detailing any flaws they may find in their attack on the system so the company can then remedy these flaws. These reports can also include specific advice...

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Get Hired Jan 29, 2021
Are You Ready for the 2021 Job Market? It's Time to Find Out.

COVID-19 has changed how we work, how we interact, and how we live. Based on recent economic indicators, the impact of the coronavirus will continue well into 2021. But we all still have to work and provide for our families, right? And that means being prepared to head into the 2021 job market. Do you feel ready at this moment? Are you maximizing every possible opportunity? It's time to...

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Get Hired Jan 25, 2021
3 Amazing Tools to Easily Ace Any Online Assessment in 2021

In the following article, you will learn how to improve your preemployment assessment score. This can be easily achieved through the use of three techniques: accuracy, new skill learning, and reducing anxiety. The job market is the most competitive it has ever been. With an incredible number of candidates for each position, you may feel like a needle in a haystack. You are probably asking...

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Get Hired Jan 14, 2021
Resume Tips for Career Changers [With Summary Section Template]

Shifting careers was always a challenge, even before 2020. One of the biggest hurdles career changers face is being able to show hiring managers how their past work experience will help them succeed in the new role. Did you know hiring managers only spend an average of six seconds reading each resume? That being the case, career changers must learn how to stand out and share their...

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Get Hired Jan 12, 2021
6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Executive Job Search

Overwork and burnout. An unexpected layoff. Uncertainty about your next move. An urge to pivot to something new in your career.  There are many reasons why a senior leader might reach a professional crossroads and embark on an executive job search. In our work with corporate vice president and C-suite leaders, we see a number of common mistakes these executive job seekers often...

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Get Hired Jan 7, 2021
13 Questions You Should Ask to Understand Whether a Company Cares About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Let's be candid here. If you ask a hiring manager (or any one of your interviewers) whether their company has diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies or procedures in place, you're likely to receive a legalistic, by-the-books "Of course!" response. Just because a company says something is true, that doesn't mean it is in practice. So, how do you find out what a company's culture...

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Get Hired Oct 14, 2020
Want to Get Hired? Here Are the Soft Skills Employers Want Today

As artificial intelligence and automation continue to advance, soft skills are only growing in importance. As routine and mundane tasks are passed off to the machines, employers are looking for candidates who bring to the table that which their robot counterparts cannot: creativity, collaboration, diplomacy, empathy, generosity, and more. In today's job market, it is often a candidate's...

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Get Hired Mar 24, 2020
5 Recruitment Trends for 2020 Both Candidates and Recruiters Should Know About

It's no doubt that, over the last decade, the recruitment landscape has changed significantly. While some changes have been glacial, others have happened at lightning speed. Today, recruitment has come out of the dark ages and has now truly embraced our modern times and technology. Although writing a killer resume is the core principle of recruitment, new strategies such as an emphasis on...

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Get Hired May 17, 2019
Landing Your First Post-Graduation Job: 7 Practical Tips

Congratulations! Graduating from college and looking for your first "real" job is an exciting and daunting time! The good news is the national unemployment rate is only 3.6 percent as of April 2019. The bad news: It takes an average of five months to land a job, and 82 percent of job seekers find the process stressful, according to a recent study. So while the economy may be...

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Get Hired May 16, 2019
How to Market Your Resume Like a Pro

When you're eager to jump into a new role and have spent time and effort crafting a fresh resume, it can be almost soul-crushing to have your applications repeatedly rejected or simply ignored. However, if you're only applying to publicly advertised jobs, you're missing out on a huge pool of opportunity. The perfect role is out there, and you can get it — you may just need to dig a...

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Get Hired May 10, 2019
5 Ways to Bring Humor Into Your Next Interview

Imagine you're trying to decide which of two candidates to hire. One has all of the requisite skills, but their interview was incredibly boring. It's possible they're actually a robot. The other also has the right skills, and you had a great time chatting with them. There was lots of laughter to be had. Unless you're specifically looking for an android, you're most likely going to hire...

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Get Hired May 9, 2019
The Lie We Tell Ourselves About Culture Fit

Everyone in the hiring world has heard of the concept of culture fit. It's one of the most important ideas in modern recruiting — so important, in fact, that many companies won't hire a candidate whom they deem to be "not a culture fit." No matter how qualified that candidate is, they'll be ejected from the process. But what exactly is culture fit? It's a good question, and one that...

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Get Hired Apr 26, 2019
12 Steps to Help You Bounce Back From a Layoff

Every year, millions of Americans experience layoffs, whether because of company downsizing, cost-cutting, management changes, or some other factor. Layoffs may be relatively common, but they're never fun and rarely expected. As is the case with any negative situation, however, your experience with a layoff largely depends on how you react. You may not have deserved the layoff, but you...

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Get Hired Apr 25, 2019
Parents, It's Time to Butt Out of Your Child's Job Search

In my line of work, I run into a lot of questions about parenting — but I'm not talking about the parents of young children. No, I'm dealing with the parents of fully grown adults. A lot of parents — and a lot of their adult children — don't seem to know where the boundaries are when it comes to the job search, with many parents getting themselves actively involved in their...

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Get Hired Apr 24, 2019
What Does the Ideal Cover Letter Look Like in 2019?

Cover letters aren't exactly fun to write, so it's tempting to look for reasons not to write them at all. The process of applying online often gives us the very excuse we're searching for. By not explicitly requesting cover letters, digital application portals leave the impression this once-critical document is no longer necessary. People have been speculating for years that cover...

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Get Hired Apr 22, 2019
6 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Executive Job Search

Many of us have heard the aphorism, "It's not where you start, but where you finish." This bit of wisdom holds true for many aspects of life — but when it comes to an executive job search, how you start has a significant impact on where you finish. No matter why you're heading back out into the job market, it is prudent to do your homework before diving in. Here are some of the most...

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Get Hired Apr 19, 2019
How to Turn a Job Interview Into a Job Offer

How do you turn a job interview into a job offer? It's not all about your qualifications or experience. You may have gone to Harvard, then Yale, then spent five years volunteering at your local animal shelter, but if you don't present yourself as a confident candidate, none of that really matters. Instead of gloating about your achievements, identify yourself as a problem solver, a...

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Get Hired Apr 19, 2019
Is It a Genuine Job or Just a Scam? Follow This Flowchart to Find Out:

As you're scouring Indeed for a new gig, you come across what seems like a perfect role. It's a work-from-home opportunity, and you're free to set your own schedule. For just 20 hours a week, the ad says, you can make $8000 a month! It seems too good to be true — because it is. If you've ever searched for work on a job board — and, in this day and age, who hasn't? — you're...

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Get Hired Apr 18, 2019
Job Search Breaking Your Spirit? Cut Yourself Some Slack

When it comes to job hunting, you should probably know it's not the searching that's hard. Sure, searching takes time and effort, but the search itself is not why you're in a bad mood. The search itself is not the reason you're doubting your abilities. The search itself is not the reason your period of unemployment is dragging on for so long. Think about it this way: You don't usually...

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Get Hired Apr 18, 2019
Speed Networking: 20+ Questions (and Advice) to Help You Stand Out

I've both attended and emceed speed networking events, which offer a fun and exciting way to meet a large number of people in a short amount of time. These events can take any number of formats, from round robin to group migration to mixer-seater. No matter what the format, the core philosophy is always to move quickly from person to person, sparking connections along the way. You might...

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Get Hired Apr 17, 2019
9 Effective Side Hustles to Double Your Income

It doesn't matter if you're a doctor, a bartender, or a school teacher. Everyone could use some extra money. It's no surprise, then, that people everywhere are taking on side hustles to supplement their incomes. But what side hustles pay well? Which ones can actually increase your earnings enough to make it worth working all those extra hours? Here are nine great side hustles that...

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Get Hired Apr 15, 2019
13 Tried-and-True Creative Tactics Candidates Have Used to Stand Out in Interviews

Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: What is the most creative way you've seen a job applicant set themselves apart (in a good way) during an interview? The answers below are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization of the world's most successful young...

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Get Hired Apr 12, 2019
When It Comes to Your Resume, Size Doesn't Matter — Or Does It?

"How long?" Of all the questions I get about resumes, that is the one I get most often. HR managers, school career counselors, and even professional resume writers can't seem to agree on the appropriate length for a resume today. The internet — particularly in the guise of LinkedIn and other professionally oriented social media sites — has changed how we look at resumes. Instead...

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Get Hired Apr 10, 2019
6 Ways to Automate Your Job Search

Searching for a job can feel overwhelming, especially when you're short on time and energy. In today's competitive market, though, you won't get far if you focus all your energy on crafting perfect cover letters and responding to online listings, experts say. To increase your odds of getting an interview, job-search strategists recommend you network aggressively, thoroughly research your...

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Get Hired Apr 8, 2019
Applicant Rights: What Candidates Should Know About Employer Credit Checks

Background and credit checks are scary parts of the job application process. Even if you have no reason to fear what an employer might find, it's unsettling to have someone comb through your personal information. As a candidate, however, you should know you're not completely at the mercy of the employer in this situation. You have rights, and failure to respect those rights can land...

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Get Hired Apr 2, 2019
Stay-at-Home Moms: Here's How to Ease Back Into Your Career

Taking some time off from your career to raise your family can be extremely rewarding. Many stay-at-home moms and dads say they wouldn't have it any other way. Still, coming back to your career after several years away — maybe as your child goes off to school — can be challenging if you're unprepared. Wherever you are in the parenting journey, it is important to think about how you can...

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Get Hired Mar 29, 2019
5 Steps to Keeping Your Job Search Toolkit Up to Date

If you're on the hunt for a new position, you know how important your job search toolkit is to your success. The key components  of your toolkit include updated documents (resume, cover letters, etc.), a polished online profile, and an extensive professional network. These pieces work together to give you the best shot at landing your next role. However, you shouldn't wait until you're...

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Get Hired Mar 28, 2019
Underqualified? You May Want to Apply Anyway

Most people have had the experience of coming across a job they really want but are unqualified for. This is especially common when you are searching for your first job out of college or making a big career change. Think back to a time this happened to you: You read the ad and loved what you saw — but then you realized you didn't meet all of the requirements. Did that stop you from...

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Get Hired Mar 27, 2019
How to Get Inspired in Your Job Search When You're Out of Work

I was speaking with a business friend of mine, a CFO who had been out of work for several months due to a company reorganization. He was looking for advice on how to approach a job opportunity. It was a position in which he could hit the ground running and save the company a considerable amount of money. After the first interview with the COO, my friend was advised he would be brought...

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Get Hired Mar 26, 2019
If You Want to Get Hired Faster, Look for Ways to Be Different

As a recruiter, I've spoken with hundreds of job seekers. Along the way, I've noticed a pattern: Most people want to do what everyone else is doing. They don't want to stick their necks out, take big risks, or do anything "crazy." Here's the problem with this line of thought: Many companies get hundreds of applicants per job, and only about 10-20 of them will even get a phone screen. If...

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Get Hired Mar 26, 2019
7 Quick and Easy Resume Hacks You Need to Know

In an ideal world, we'd all have hours on end at our disposal to learn how to write a resume and tailor it to each position we apply for. In reality, nobody has that kind of time, so we have to strike a balance between working efficiently and creating attention-grabbing job application materials. Sometimes, the best option is to make use of simple solutions to get the job done as well as we...

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Get Hired Mar 25, 2019
10 Moments When a Career Coach Can Help

Over the years, career coaches have grown in popularity. Once seen as a luxury only top executives could afford, they are now thoroughly mainstream. The shifting perception of career coaches may have something to do with the increasing complexity of the workplace. Professionals are switching jobs more frequently, and companies are searching for ways to empower and retain their top...

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Get Hired Mar 22, 2019
Can You Get a Good Job With a Bad Credit History?

When you have bad credit, it can feel like you're a second-class citizen. The only debt products available to you are typically predatory and high interest, while a mortgage is pretty much off the table entirely. You may have trouble being approved for a rental, and utility companies might require a deposit to set up your account. As if that weren't enough, bad credit can also affect your...

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Get Hired Mar 21, 2019
4 Things Your Resume Can't Do

A great resume can further your career. The stronger it is, the more interviews you'll land. An excellent resume can even get you headhunted! However, no matter how good your resume is, it can't do all of the heavy lifting in the job search process. While it can make a fantastic first impression and provide employers with a detailed account of your career history, here are four things...

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