Smart Tech Jun 18, 2021
How AI Simplifies the Search for Diverse Talent

Today, many companies are making diverse hiring a key component of their business strategies — and they are making these efforts more transparent to the public, too. In fact, 50 of the US's largest public companies have agreed to disclose their Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data on the racial, ethnic, and gender demographics of their workforces. Despite these good intentions,...

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Smart Tech Jun 10, 2021
5 Unexpected Ways Interview Scheduling Software Saves You Time

According to recruiters, interview scheduling is the most time-consuming aspect of the recruiting process. In fact, two in three recruiters say it can take up to two hours to schedule just one interview. Jumping between calendars, emails, spreadsheets, resumes, and post-it notes can make for a lengthy — and inefficient — hiring process. That's why leveraging interview scheduling...

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Smart Tech Jun 9, 2021
Recruiters Spend Hours Every Day on Admin Work. These Tech Tools Can Lighten the Load.

It's an open secret that recruiters and HR professionals spend a significant amount of their time on mundane and repetitive tasks. But do you know how much? Up to 86 percent of the workday, according to research from EY. That's an eye-popping number, but luckily, we live in the automation era. More and more HR pros are turning to cutting-edge recruitment technology solutions to optimize...

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Smart Tech Jun 9, 2021
The 7 Common Success Traps, Part 4: Overreliance on Data

The seven common success traps are the traps I've learned about over the course of my career working with clients and collaborators from some of America's top organizations, including Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies. These traps are based on both my personal experience and the stories shared by my clients and collaborators.  These success traps can and do happen to the best of us....

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Smart Tech Jun 8, 2021
Post-Pandemic Resignation Boom? Not If You Embrace Remote Work

Texas AM University Associate Professor of Management Anthony Klotz's prediction about a forthcoming "great resignation" went viral for many reasons. For one thing, it taps into the many ways in which the pandemic has changed the world of work. More employees have seen the benefit of working from home, and that's going to impact how they make employment decisions going forward. In...

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Smart Tech May 28, 2021
Every Inclusive Hiring Strategy Starts With the Right Data

Diversity has been the buzzword of the last year for many organizations. LinkedIn reports that the number of people holding a "head of diversity title" more than doubled between 2015 and 2020. In the same time period, the number of directors of diversity grew 75 percent, and chief diversity officers grew 68 percent. While hiring an executive focused on diversity, holding splashy events...

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Smart Tech May 27, 2021
How to Build an Application Experience That Prioritizes People

HR is tasked with the most critical role in any business: taking care of the company's people. Successful people management starts with getting the right people in the door and making sure they have what they need. For far too long, however, HR technology and tools have been built around processes rather than for the people they serve. That's especially true in the case of tools built for...

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Smart Tech May 25, 2021
Beyond the Coolness Factor: Why Staffing Firms Should Reconsider Their Technology Priorities

A recruiter's success depends largely on candidate and client satisfaction, which is why staffing technology priorities tend to focus on improving candidate experience and client service. In fact, there are thousands of tech tools available to do just that. Unfortunately, back-office processes and operational systems that may be critical to the smooth functioning of the recruiting...

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Smart Tech May 24, 2021
The Problem With Resume Screening — and How You Can Fix It

Through countless rewrites, keyword-stuffing, and sweating over the exact alignment of bulleted lists, candidates struggle to create the ultimate resume that will catch the reader's attention and keep them from landing in the hiring manager's wastebasket. In my opinion, they needn't bother. In fact, I believe every resume belongs in the bin. Why? Because resumes don't predict job...

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Smart Tech May 21, 2021
Why Successful Hiring Managers Look Beyond the 4-year College Degree

There is a growing need for skilled tech talent, and the demand for these individuals is outpacing the number of those earning technology and computer science degrees. The result—companies have a tech talent shortage and stalled or slowed workflow. Compound this issue with the pandemic which has resulted in college-bound students taking a gap year due to financial strains or losing faith in...

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Smart Tech May 21, 2021
Virtual Onboarding: Why Company Culture Is the Key

2020 was the year of virtual onboarding — and not necessarily by choice for most companies. But even as offices start opening back up, virtual onboarding will continue to be a reality for many across the globe. When we were all forced to take our hiring processes virtual in the spring of 2020, we adjusted fairly quickly. We figured out how to get new hire paperwork filled out and IRS...

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Smart Tech May 20, 2021
How to Fix a Broken Interview Process

It's a conundrum: Nearly half of today's organizations consider the interview the most important part of the candidate experience, yet their interview processes are lengthy, confusing, and inefficient. Usually, they have not rethought their processes in years, and their offers are being declined at ever-growing rates. Yello has identified six signs that indicate it's time to reassess your...

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Smart Tech May 20, 2021
The Robots Aren't Taking Your Job: 5 Things You Have Completely Wrong About Automation

Mention automation in any work-related conversation and a sense of dread may sweep across the room. Images spring to mind of humanoid robots and sophisticated machines doing the jobs done by people. People may ask themselves: Can my job be automated? Will it? Automation is prone to such myths, but it doesn't have to be scary. Many small and medium-sized businesses rely on automation...

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Smart Tech May 19, 2021
A Practical Guide to Social Media Screening: Keeping It Simple in a Complex World

Social networks have developed into an excellent communication channel between candidates and employers. The latest numbers show an astonishing 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021 across a variety of platforms. Each social media site has its own unique audience. LinkedIn, for example, is the go-to professional networking site for more than 750 million active users in more...

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Smart Tech May 18, 2021
How E-Learning Can Help Your Company Differentiate Itself in This Talent Market

Did you know that offering career advancement opportunities can reduce employee turnover by 94 percent? Or that employees are 30 percent more engaged when they have access to professional development? These statistics alone make the argument for why your company should invest in professional development. But you can't tie up all of your team's time in training sessions. Sure, your...

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Smart Tech May 14, 2021
Employee Benefits Are Evolving. Are Employers Keeping Up?

Flexibility is often cited as one of the keys to a strong employee benefits program, but exactly what kind of flexibility are workers looking for? Is it the flexibility to choose how and when benefits are used? The freedom to access them at any time and from any location? Is it the flexibility to create unique packages for each employee's individual needs? The truth is, benefits are...

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Smart Tech May 13, 2021
The Data Point Revolution: How Gig Platforms Are Changing the Way We Hire Professional Talent

Gig economy platforms like Uber and DoorDash have changed the way we get to the airport, order food, and find a place to stay when traveling. By now, you've probably heard the expression "Uber for X" to describe bringing these gig-platform models to other industries. Now, the model is changing how businesses hire workers, too. Traditional hiring methods rely on resumes and word-of-mouth....

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Smart Tech May 10, 2021
Do InMails Actually Work? Yes, If You Know How to Use Them

Nearly 100 percent of all recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates, which means you have some stiff competition if you're looking for your next hire on the platform. But you can't afford to ignore LinkedIn, either. It's pretty much the only game in town when it comes to professional networking sites. Sure, there are more niche sites — like your AngelLists and Quoras — and those...

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Smart Tech May 7, 2021
COVID's Biggest Lesson for Business? Always Expect the Unexpected.

It has been over a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the world has drastically changed. With virtual spaces becoming the default for so many activities, the pandemic has altered how we interact with everything from our homes and our friends to our work. Now is the time to ask what we can learn from this. From an HR perspective, the past year holds all...

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Smart Tech May 6, 2021
Do It Yourself: The HR Pro's Guide to No-Code Tools

If you chose a career in human resources, it's a safe bet you enjoy working with people more than working behind a screen. That's not to say there aren't plenty of tech-savvy HR folks who are thriving remotely during the pandemic, but by nature, the business lends itself to interaction. When it comes to designing processes that work for your department, having to wade through pages of code...

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Smart Tech May 5, 2021
Hiring Gen. Z Candidates Today: Why 1 in 3 Zoomers Are Reconsidering Their Careers

The children of Generation X and the millennials, Gen. Z-ers — also known as "zoomers" — are an especially attractive target for recruiters. They're known for being loyal, likely to stay in their first jobs for three years or longer — a dramatic difference from the average millennial's tenure. Gen. Z candidates are willing to make a long-term investment in your company, so it's...

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Smart Tech May 4, 2021
Streamlining for Success: 4 Simple Tips to Make Any Company's Operations Smoother

Disorganized management can doom even the most cutting-edge company. As businesses begin to think realistically about post-pandemic operations, they must pay special attention to modernizing their workforce management practices. To create a more streamlined, effective approach to workforce management, it's important to first understand how your current operations are performing, both...

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Smart Tech Apr 27, 2021
Employees Want More Virtual Team-Building Events — but Skip the Zoom Happy Hours

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the future of Emeraude Escape Rooms looked bleak at best. We were experts at putting groups of people into small rooms, which they could only leave once they solved a series of clues or their time ran out. Good for team building. Bad for social distancing. In April, just two months into the pandemic, I decided to go all-in on digital. Like many other...

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Smart Tech Apr 15, 2021
How to Incorporate Video Interviews Into Your Existing Hiring Process

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, just over one in five organizations were using video interviews. Now? Nearly 80 percent of employers use video interviews, and more than half of them plan to continue using video once the pandemic restrictions are fully lifted. As employers have learned over the last year, video interviewing has clear business benefits — but implementing it successfully does...

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Smart Tech Apr 1, 2021
Keeping Employees Safe During COVID: How Technology Can Help

Amid all the wrenches the pandemic has thrown into our personal and professional lives over the last year, it's important to look for the bright side wherever you can. One of the few silver linings of the last year has been watching employers across industries adopt new tools and technologies to keep workers safe, engaged, and productive. Whether you plan to eventually bring your employees...

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Smart Tech Mar 31, 2021
The Pandemic Offers Us a Chance to Reimagine the Talent Life Cycle. We Should Take It.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on nearly every industry, causing unprecedented challenges as companies struggle to adapt. As hiring freezes end and unemployed workers re-enter the workforce, the recruiting process has been particularly difficult to navigate. To meet the moment, employers must reconfigure their selection systems to efficiently handle higher applicant volumes. Many look...

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Smart Tech Mar 29, 2021
How Unpaid Digital Labor Is Harming Your Employees

It's a scenario we all know too well: You're sitting down to dinner with your family. Your youngest is telling you about the A she got on her math test, and just as you reach across the table for a high five, your phone chimes. It's a work email. You know it. Your family knows it. You consider your options: A) Check it now, and risk your dinner getting cold and your family annoyed while...

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Smart Tech Mar 17, 2021
McDonald's Could Reach Its Diversity Targets Faster If It Had the Right Data on Hand

As we move into the second quarter of 2021, more and more companies are working toward greater levels of gender parity in their leadership ranks. While this is a noble endeavor, good intentions without results are as bad as — or worse than — doing nothing at all. The many repeated commitments to progress are encouraging at a glance, but how many will turn out to be token gestures leading...

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Smart Tech Mar 15, 2021
Effective Remote Collaboration: The Tools, Tech, and Training You Need to Support Remote Teamwork

Within the past year, we've seen significant changes in how employees work with each other and their employers, most obviously in the shift to remote work. Some companies may make remote work permanent, while others may adopt a hybrid structure mixing remote and in-person arrangements. Regardless, remote work and the flexibility it affords will likely be part of companies' policies in some...

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Smart Tech Mar 9, 2021
Interconnected Efforts Are In, Siloed Efforts Are Out: Improve Overall Productivity in 2021 With These Tech Tools

As we navigate 2021 and remote work becomes our new normal, it's crucial that our managers and team members maintain flexibility and a strong commitment to meeting goals. Whether you are pushing your virtual sales teams to continue prospecting or leading a busy call center, productivity tools are available to help your teams reach (and exceed) their targets in this work environment. But...

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Smart Tech Mar 3, 2021
6 Ways Workforce Productivity Software Helps Employees

As we have been talking about ad nauseam since March: Oh, the times, they are a-changin'. Work environments have shifted from spacious desks with an office printer and shared coffee pot to living rooms, guest rooms, and kitchen tables. It has been a hard adjustment, particularly when we're feeling out of touch with our coworkers, managers, and employees. Maybe there has been a spike in...

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Smart Tech Feb 25, 2021
COVID Has HR Teams Embracing Digital Transformation — and That's Good News for Employee Benefits

Digitalization is happening rapidly in the wake of COVID-19, especially in the realm of HR. For example, more than 80 percent of HR professionals saying digital delivery systems are now critical to their health and benefits offerings, according to recent research we conducted here at Darwin. That research also found that 53 percent of employees believe they get the same benefits experience no...

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Smart Tech Feb 16, 2021
Recruitment Videos: An Often Overlooked Employer Branding Tool

According to Gartner, almost half of all SP 100 job postings in 2018 were targeted to fill just 39 roles, mainly in IT, research and development, marketing, sales, and customer service. Competition for top talent in these fields, it goes without saying, is stiff. And it doesn't help that it often takes more than a month to fill a single open requisition. Employers should have all the...

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Smart Tech Feb 12, 2021
Smart Tools Are Transforming How Businesses Recruit

The right tool can fast-forward your business progress by months, especially on the hiring front. Remote work and new technologies are quickly changing the way most businesses work and recruit. Yet even in challenging circumstances, great recruiters know how to recruit talented people; they just need the right tools to enable them. In this article, we look at how Freshteam, the smart HR...

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Smart Tech Feb 11, 2021
Reduce 80 Percent of Recruiter Workload With Recruiting Automation

It's 2021! A decade ago, many of us thought our world would be filled with flying cars, space tourists, and convenient robots by now. Instead, we have a virus outbreak and staggering workloads, and remote recruiting only makes it all harder. This is a taxing time for recruiters around the world. They're under pressure to find superstars, facilitate virtual interviews, onboard new hires, and...

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Smart Tech Feb 5, 2021
7 Reasons Why HR Reports Are Essential to Recruiting

Recruiters work hard to find the right talent for their organizations. When recruiters do their jobs well, the organization benefits from it the most. After all, the right talent determines the growth and success of a company. For a job as crucial as a recruiter's, the right information must be available at the right time to make the right decisions. Accurate insights into how recruitment is...

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Smart Tech Jan 27, 2021
Dwight Schrute's 4 Lessons for Successful Data-Driven Recruiting

You probably know him best as assistant to the regional manager, owner of Schrute Farms, and an award-winning paper salesman. What you might not know is Dwight Schrute is also an expert on data-driven recruiting. Fact. Over the past decade, data analytics in recruitment have evolved from simple job posting and advertising metrics to comprehensive breakdowns of candidate engagement,...

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Smart Tech Jan 25, 2021
How One Pixar Film (and a Few Free Chrome Extensions) Can Make You a Better Recruiter 

After watching the Pixar film Ratatouille about 15 times in the past year, I've learned two things. The first is that I desperately need to get out of my house. The second is that recruiters can up their talent acquisition games with the right tips and tricks. How did I come to that latter conclusion from an animated film? In the movie, there's a famous scene where veteran chef Collette...

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Smart Tech Jan 21, 2021
The 4 Stages of a Relationship Between a Recruiter and Their ATS

Relationships are never easy. If you've been in one for a few years, you understand better than anyone that disagreements, mistakes, and mishaps are inevitable. While those issues are difficult enough to deal with on their own, public awareness of these problems creates further complications. Over the past decade, one relationship in particular has had its fair share of public spats. You...

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Smart Tech Jan 18, 2021
Recruiting Made Easier: How One Free Chrome Extension Can Help

For recruiters, it's frustrating when someone says hiring is an easy job. While the pandemic brought on a slew of terrible circumstances, such as economic turmoil, layoffs, and budget cuts, recruiting pre-pandemic wasn't a walk in the park either. With record-low unemployment, 78 percent of employed professionals open to job hopping, and heavy competition from outside organizations, the...

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Smart Tech Jan 13, 2021
Make Your Remote Workers More Secure With a VPN

As remote work becomes the norm, company security becomes more important than ever. VPNs can protect employees as they work remotely, allowing them to browse the internet free of risk. What Is a VPN? A virtual private network (VPN) allows users to protect their privacy while browsing online. It bypasses a user's internet service provider (ISP) and instead routes the internet...

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Smart Tech Jan 8, 2021
How Should Teams Take Back Control of Talent Acquisition in 2021? By Embracing Deep Recruitment Technology

We could use many adjectives to describe 2020 (including some choice words that may not be ideal to print). If we had to pick a descriptor that would be universally understood, it would be "chaotic." Over the past 12 months, company executives and recruitment leaders have endured fluctuations in unemployment, budgets, and workplace practices. With so much out of their control, leaders were...

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Smart Tech Dec 23, 2020
Making an Effective Transition to Digital Learning: It's All About Experimentation

Workplace learning, at least in its traditional form, was one of the earliest- and hardest-hit business activities during the pandemic. In mid-March, McKinsey noted that half of all in-person learning and development programs in North America had been canceled or postponed through June 2020.At the same time, organizations can't afford to stop training their employees during a crisis. That's...

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Smart Tech Dec 11, 2020
Will Prerecorded Video Interviews Be a Go-To Recruitment Tech Tool in 2021?

Most of us hope 2021 will see the easing of lockdown restrictions and the return of some degree of normalcy. Regardless of how the next year plays out, however, one thing is for sure: The pandemic-driven integration of technology into workplace processes is here to stay. In the HR world, COVID19 fast-tracked the inevitable shift toward virtual recruitment as a preferred choice over...

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Smart Tech Dec 1, 2020
Your 2020 Virtual Interview Strategy Can Drive Long-Term Hiring Success. Here's How.

Organizations that adopted remote hiring as a result of the pandemic are realizing the trend is here to stay. Video interviews are a core part of virtual recruitment, and 82 percent of hiring managers are planning to continue leveraging them in the long term. However, there's a difference between simply chatting with a candidate via Zoom and conducting a carefully crafted video-interview...

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Smart Tech Nov 4, 2020
In AI-Powered Recruiting, Algorithm Design Matters — a Lot

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are all the rage in recruiting and hiring circles today. Unfortunately, much of what is on offer is overhyped, of shoddy construction, or otherwise falls short. Even the big guys don't always get it right: By now, the story of Amazon's abandoned algorithm that systematically selected male candidates over women is a well-known cautionary...

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Smart Tech Oct 23, 2020
Building Communities: How to Keep Professional Events Engaging in the Age of Remote Work

The pandemic has changed the way work is done, and talent leaders must now master new approaches to recruiting and managing employees. While the pandemic has thwarted many traditional in-person events, recruiters and HR pros still need to connect with their colleagues to keep up with the trends and ideas shaping the future of work. Virtual events can be an effective avenue for those...

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Smart Tech Oct 21, 2020
Using Artificial Intelligence the Right Way: How to Limit the Risks of AI-Driven Hiring

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way we find and hire talent. From helping companies identify candidates who match super specific sets of criteria to reducing bias in the hiring process, AI can transform key aspects of recruiting for the better. However, AI also has a dark side. If developed or used improperly, AI can actually increase discrimination,...

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