Success Nov 24, 2021
7 Ways to Show You Are Thankful for Your Recruiters

According to one survey by Glassdoor, four in five employees said they're motivated to do more work if they feel like their employers appreciate them.  In addition to that, half of the employees said that they would be willing to stay at a company longer if they felt like they were valued. While companies are struggling to battle The Great Resignation, this may be the key you need to retain...

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Success Nov 23, 2021
3 Ways Tech Companies Can Embrace Apprenticeships

The United States government's Department of Labor reported 10.4 million job openings in August 2021. With so many vital positions vacant, the competition for talent is fierce, and a survey of HR professionals identified hiring as the biggest challenge of 2021. One way companies can get ahead is through apprenticeship programs. According to a September 2020 report from the Labor...

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Success Nov 22, 2021
It's Time for Employers to Wake Up From Their DEI-Blurred Reality

Over the past year and a half, fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace has become a top priority for many employers. This attention sparked much-needed conversations, debates, and actions. However, the journey has only just begun as more than half of employees believe their company should be doing more to increase its cultural diversity. Lever's State of DEI Report set...

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Success Nov 16, 2021
10 Steps to Secure Executive Buy-In and Budget to Brave the New Workforce Frontier

Most executives understand in broad strokes that there has been a clear change in workforce expectations over the past year — and, like it or not, that employees now have the bargaining power. People are leaving their jobs in record numbers, but not for a better salary. Instead, they're seeking purpose, belonging, and balance (something I call PB2) from an employer who supports their...

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Success Nov 15, 2021
13 Ways to Make Candidates More Comfortable During an Interview

Welcome to Recruiter QA, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Today's Question: Good companies always try to give their employees everything they need to succeed, but what about during the hiring process? What's one thing companies can do to help make candidates feel more at ease during an interview? These answers are provided by the Young...

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Success Nov 9, 2021
Why Relationship With Temporary Workers Are Vital: And What You Can Do To Attract Them

Almost every company needs temporary help at some point. Sometimes, these hires come aboard because a short-term project needs a particular skill set for a limited time. Other times, temporary workers help fill gaps when employees are out for extended periods. There are also those occasions when you must regularly rely on hiring a seasonal workforce to get you through busier times of the...

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Success Nov 5, 2021
Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay: 7 Tips for Maintaining A Strong Company Culture & Preventing Burnout

By now, it's clear that remote work is here to stay. This presents companies with new challenges as they navigate how best to structure and implement a longer-term hybrid work model and plan.  In an increasingly competitive market for candidates, where most employees are accustomed to working remotely at least some of the time, flexibility and adaptability are no longer a...

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Success Nov 3, 2021
How to Create an Employer Value Proposition to Attract Top Talent

Today, nearly 90% of the US job market is candidate-driven. If you want to grow your business, you will need to do a lot more than merely offer compensatory leaves, cash rewards, or paid vacations to attract and retain top talent. For employers to stand out amongst their competitors and become a company of choice, talent acquisition leaders need to develop strategies that will help them...

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Success Oct 25, 2021
The Recruiter's Guide to Different Types of Workplace Diversity

In the present times, companies across the United States have started to embrace diversity and inclusion (DI) initiatives to enhance company culture and attract job seekers. Rightly so, workplace diversity essentially plays a massive role in helping build people-centric and result-driven workplaces in the long run. As many as 80% of workers who participated in the latest...

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Success Oct 20, 2021
How to Write an Effective Job Posting to Attract the Best Candidates

In the United States, there are 10 million job openings, but only 8.6 million people are unemployed. That means that there are 1 million more job openings than available people to fill them. With so many job postings out there and not enough people to fill them, employers are wondering how to attract job seekers who are starting their job search. Battling the Great Resignation and...

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Success Sep 3, 2021
Professional Guidance Where You Least Expect It: The 5 Types of Mentors You're Missing Out On

Throughout her career — from her days as a young professional working in pharmaceuticals to her roles in higher education and her return to medical sales — Lisa Swift-Young has repeatedly turned to one thing to help her gain experience and accelerate her growth: mentorship. Now an executive business coach in her own right, Swift-Young told in an interview in August that...

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Success Aug 3, 2021
These Are the 45 Most Important Minutes of Your Day

Article by Jack Canfield Successful people maintain a positive focus in life, no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures. They focus on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to fulfilling their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents. They are proactive in pursuing their...

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Success Jul 28, 2021
New Leadership Role? Do These 4 Things

One of my clients, Allison, called me recently after receiving a promotion. She questioned whether her capability and experience were sufficient for her to perform at the next level, even though she'd been a standout performer in her previous role. Allison instinctively knew something that many leaders either neglect or don't fully understand: The job at every level is different! For a...

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Success Jul 27, 2021
Sheer Willpower Isn't the Problem. Entitlement Is.

Article by Rory Vaden The more I study ultra-performer business founders, the more I'm convinced of one thing. I believe that 98 percent of success is the sheer result of one's ability to keep pressing forward with a high degree of intensity regardless of the challenging circumstances. In a word, it's perseverance. The reason why most people don't persevere is different than you might...

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Success Jul 23, 2021
No Commute? 4 Ways to Maximize the Money You're Saving

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we work — and some of these changes don't appear to be going away anytime soon. With many employees still working from home and others shifting into hybrid arrangements that don't require full weeks in the office, a lot of workers may find themselves spending less on their commutes. When you don't need to go to a physical workplace every day,...

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Success Jul 13, 2021
Why My Imperfections Are My Greatest Strengths

Article by Debbie Biery As children, we learn about the world by making associations that help us remember words and shapes and names of things. It starts simply enough: We associate the color red with apples, the word "no" with the feeling of disappointment. The ideas of red apples and disappointing two-letter words become cemented in our minds. We might make associations based on the...

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Success Jul 6, 2021
12 Entrepreneurial Truths Working Parents Should Embrace

Article by Daisy Dowling You're a working parent or planning to become one. More challenging still, you're an entrepreneurial parent or planning to become one. And you're feeling daunted, conflicted, exhausted — or all three — by what you're going through or what lies ahead. You feel like you're all on your own. How could you not? Each parent walks their own path. Each...

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Success Jun 29, 2021
Beyond First Impressions: 6 Ways to Deepen Your Connections

Article by Tristan Ahumada A miller and his son were taking their donkey to sell at market when they passed a group of girls who laughed at how foolish the miller was to have a donkey and yet be walking. So the miller put his son on the donkey. Further down the road, they passed some older people who scolded the miller for allowing his young son to ride when he should be riding himself....

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Success Jun 22, 2021
Want to Thrive at Work? Learn to Wake Up Earlier

Article by Cecilia Meis It's one of the most surefire ways to improve productivity, yet many of us simply can't force ourselves to start the day sooner. The benefits are undeniable: A 2019 study jointly conducted by universities in the UK and Australia found that participants who woke up earlier reported decreased feelings of stress and depression and increased levels of physical and...

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Success Jun 15, 2021
7 Tips for Dealing With Uncertainty

Article by Blush Life Coaching If this year has taught us anything, it's that uncertainty is a b----. Although we may see the light at the end of the tunnel now that vaccines are accessible to many, it's going to take a while to shake off the trauma of 2020. Between our health and safety being under threat, changing restrictions, simply not knowing when our normal lives would resume,...

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Success Jun 8, 2021
How I Avoid Loneliness While Working Alone

Article by Catherine Downes Edie's nose is small and dark. It looks like it belongs to Teddy Ruxpin. Her snout was once a similar shade of charcoal, but swards of white fur have sprouted up around the edges of her mouth. I can't tell you when this occurred. One day, it registered that my once entirely black dog had a muzzle that appeared to have been dipped in a bowl of marshmallow...

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Success Jun 1, 2021
Zoom Etiquette 101: 8 Tips to Put Your Best Face Forward During Virtual Meetings

Article by Megan Nicole O'Neal 2020 required professionals across all industries to change the way they handle business. After a year, working remotely has proven to be as successful as — if not more than — working in an office for most companies. In fact, more than 20 Fortune 500 companies like Google, Spotify, and Zillow have declared they will adopt remote or hybrid work models...

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Success May 18, 2021
4 Traits Every Next-Generation Leader Needs to Possess

Most business leaders had never previously experienced anything close to the disruption the pandemic has inflicted on both our lives and our work. It has posed brand new challenges for companies, turning the workplace upside down and inside out. Employees, too, have had to deal with job insecurity, health concerns, and heightened anxiety in various aspects of their lives. The very concept of...

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Success May 4, 2021
The Common Path to Uncommon Success Begins With an Idea

Article by John Lee Dumas You've been lied to. In fact, we've all been lied to. The reason? Most people don't want you to know one simple fact: Uncommon success is achievable, and the path there is a common one. I thought success meant money, respect, and maybe even fame. That warped definition led me to law school, where after one miserable semester, I dropped out. Then I dove into...

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Success Apr 29, 2021
45 Seconds to Change the World: What Every Woman Can Do to Help Close the Gender Pay Gap

Equal Pay Day is observed annually to demonstrate how much of a head start men have in earnings in a typical year. In 2021, it took until March 24 for women to earn an amount equal to what men earned in 2020. That's right: Women needed almost three extra months of work to close the pay gap. And the lack of pay equity was more obvious than ever in 2020, with the pandemic taking a much...

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Success Apr 8, 2021
3 Body Language Tips for Enhancing Your Virtual Communication Skills

Body language is just as powerful in the virtual zone as it is in an in-person situation. From the nuance of gestures to vocal variety and eye movements, these telltale indicators help us deliver our messages effectively and provide instructions on how to read another person's true attitude or feelings. In the work-from-anywhere era of global teams, intentional nonverbal virtual communication...

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Success Apr 6, 2021
Waldenomics: Modern Professional Lessons From Henry David Thoreau

Article by Jen McGivny Henry David Thoreau hasn't aged well since his death 159 years ago. Through modern eyes, the 19th-century author looks like an out-of-touch dreamer, a privileged loafer. The guy who avoided a real career to live in a cabin in the woods now has his words relegated to hiking guides and inspirational notecards. A counterpoint, if I may. Thoreau couldn't be more...

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Success Mar 30, 2021
10 Essential Books to Read for Women's History Month

Article by Megan Nicole O'Neal Although we certainly don't need an excuse to celebrate women's stories, March is Women's History Month, which means it's an especially perfect time to do so. And what better way than to dive into fantastic books written by and about women? Whether you're hoping to be transported into history, get lost behind powerful prose, or fancy a healthy dose of...

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Success Mar 23, 2021
Side Hustle Smarts: 5 Metrics to Measure Success

Article by Amy Anderson Committing time to your side hustle is a big decision. The hours and resources you spend need to pay off in a tangible way — but are they? Smart business owners ensure they're investing the right time, energy, and money into their side hustles by measuring the right metrics. The finer details might be different for a creative contractor than for a real estate...

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Success Mar 16, 2021
18 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Spark Creative Inspiration

Article by Lydia Sweatt When inspiration strikes, powerful things happen in the creative mind. A novelist might add five chapters to a book after wrestling with the introduction for months. A painter might finally confront the blank canvas, bringing an idea to life with broad, confident strokes. But just like lightning, inspiration doesn't always strike twice. You can't necessarily...

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Success Mar 11, 2021
Stay on Track — Don't Look Back! 7 Tips on Actually Reaching Your Goals

Setting goals can sometimes feel overwhelming, but if you plan your goals incrementally, you set yourself up for the best shot at hitting your target. When you set smaller, more attainable goals on the path to your bigger goals, each goal you achieve becomes a motivator, pushing you further toward your ultimate aim. You might fall off track from time to time. That's okay — do not be hard...

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Success Mar 10, 2021
Too Connected to Concentrate? 7 Ways to Find Focus When Working Remotely

It's noon and you've been working on a project since 9 a.m. The deadline is looming and you're barely a quarter done. Relentless emails, texts, alerts, and meeting invitations — all meant to keep you connected while you work remotely — keep pulling your attention away. Every time you settle in and regain your focus — ping! Sound familiar? You're not alone. Remote workers are...

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Success Mar 9, 2021
How to Be Your Own Cheerleader

Article by Cecilia Meis If you've ever heard some well-meaning but flat phrase like "Chin up!" or "Be happy!" just know this isn't that. That being said, positivity and encouraging language truly can have a physiological effect. According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thoughts hold myriad benefits, including increased life span, decreased rates of depression and distress, greater...

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Success Feb 25, 2021
How to Get to Know Your Coworkers When You Haven't Met Them in Person

The global pandemic has forced countless employees to work remotely, and in doing so, it has also given people room to consider whether they're living in the best possible location. According to a recent Upwork survey, 23 million people could be planning to move from big cities to less populated areas thanks to the newly widespread availability of remote work opportunities. As more people...

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Success Jan 26, 2021
How to Make Your Severance Last

Leaving a job isn't always easy — especially if it isn't by choice. With 54 percent of working adults worried they could be axed in the coming year, now is a good time for all of us to start thinking about what we'd do if placed in that position. A severance package can certainly help soften the blow of a sudden job loss. While severance pay can provide a much-needed financial cushion if...

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Success Jan 26, 2021
15 HARD (but Totally Doable, Totally Worth It) Resolutions You Haven't Tried and Won't Fail

Article by Lydia Sweatt Don't believe the hype: Setting a New Year's resolution is worth doing every year. With the right intent, chasing a goal or two promotes discipline, reinforces accountability, and encourages self-reflection. It makes you better. However, goals aren't always easy to reach. On January 1, you may be pumped up and ready to go, planning to tackle your resolutions with...

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Success Jan 25, 2021
The 5 Best Etiquette Rules for Video Conferences

In 2020, video conferencing was as ubiquitous as making bread and clapping for healthcare workers. But many have also struggled with the art perfecting video conferences. Today, we share tips on how to hold great video conferences that keep your team connected. 1. Be Punctual Treat your video conferences as you would any other meeting. Make sure you have everything set up in...

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Success Jan 19, 2021
How to Stay Motivated While Job Hunting During a Pandemic

Article by Isaiah Hankel The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of Americans out of their jobs in March, and the layoffs have more or less continued since. If you're feeling stressed about your own job security or unmotivated as you look for work in today's highly competitive job market, this probably isn't what you want to hear. However, the good news is that employment opportunities...

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Success Jan 19, 2021
Working From Home: What Are Your Rights as an Employee?

In a time of unprecedented working styles, it is worth exploring the legal rights of an employee in this brand new context. We speak to Matthew Sullivan of litigation finance company Kramer Sullivan to share their insights into employee rights in 2021. Tax Relief According to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), a UK government department, some of the costs associated...

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Success Jan 15, 2021
How to Deal With a Personality Clash at Work — Without Losing Your Professionalism

All workplaces are prone to occasional disagreements, most of which are due to simple miscommunication. Some, however, are driven by personality clashes between people on the same team. Such clashes have the potential to cause serious disruptions. What can you do if you find yourself on one end of such a clash — or you are the manager dealing with opposing personalities on your...

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Success Jan 15, 2021
The Best Salary Finance Schemes for Employees

"Salary finance schemes" are a way for employees to withdraw their salaries in advance of payday. It is also a way for employers to provide financial assistance and increased financial security to their workforces. Though relatively new in the world of employee benefits, salary finance schemes have become an increasingly important incentive for today's job hunters. As working habits...

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Success Dec 22, 2020
3 Ways to Turn a Crisis Into a Career Upgrade

Article by Seth CasdenThe COVID-19 crisis has disrupted nearly every single facet of life on this planet in some way. Now, an entire generation of workers is coming to terms with new career trajectories, scrapping old goals and dreaming up new ones.These moments of change offer the unmatched potential for personal growth, but they can also feel paralyzing. Fear and courage are locked in a...

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Success Dec 16, 2020
Is Asking for Equity-Based Compensation a Good Idea? Here's What You Should Know.

As a job seeker, you'll find yourself negotiating compensation and benefits at some point during the interview process. While most zero in on things like salary, vacation time, and health insurance (with good reason!), there's another important piece to think about during contract negotiations: equity compensation.It may not help you afford rent in the present moment, but it could end up...

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Success Dec 15, 2020
3 Strategies to Help You Pivot Gracefully

Article by Simon T. BaileyThe COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every industry in the world. As many of us seek to realign ourselves and our businesses, we'll need to utilize a crucial skill: being able to pivot with grace.What do you value? What do you prioritize? What is the biggest dream you have for your life? Answering these questions — and then taking note of what your answers...

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Success Dec 10, 2020
Baby, There's COVID Outside! Tips for Workplace Holiday Celebrations: The 2020 Pandemic Edition

Let's face it: 2020 has been hard. We'd all like the year to be done. Good riddance. The US workforce has seen furloughs, layoffs, and pay cuts — plus the challenges to working parents posed by the lack of childcare and the stress of managing remote learning. It's the end of the year, we all hope we'll never have to do 2020 again, and employers are looking to celebrate with their...

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Success Dec 8, 2020
Keep an Open Mind: 5 Tips to Stay Receptive to New Possibilities in a Tumultuous World

Article by Cecilia Meis  In the wake of an economic recession, our natural response is to tighten the belt and wait for the worst to pass. However, open-mindedness — our ability to remain receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and solutions — is truly crucial at a time like this. The world is never riper for innovation than in times of uncertainty. Plus, those who see an abundance...

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Success Dec 4, 2020
Humor Is Fundamental to a Healthy Workplace — But Not Without Its Risks

"A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done." - Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States It's not easy to define "humor." It has many facets. It can be a play on words, a joke, a story, or funny behavior. It can be lighthearted, ironic, good-natured, sarcastic, satirical, or cynical. For me, humor is much more than...

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Success Dec 2, 2020
Leadership vs. Management: Trust Makes All the Difference

Look online, and you'll find an abundance of memes comparing the traits of managers and leaders. Many show the manager sitting behind a desk with the whip to his people, while the leader is in front of the pack and leading the charge. But is it really that simple in our day-to-day work lives? I don't own a whip; am I automatically a leader? How must we act to distinguish ourselves as...

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